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One of the most essential yet frequently overlooked bedding items is a quilted mattress protector. Not many people know exactly how a mattress cover works. Basically, a quilted mattress cover guards the mattress from dust mites, bed bugs, and many other undesirable creatures that dwell in mattresses.

Quilted Mattress Protectors – What are they exactly? 
A mattress protector is a kind of removable bedding which offers an additional layer of protection between the mattress and the fitted sheet. Aside from covering a mattress, quilted mattress protectors also protect sleepers from insects and other allergens present in the mattress.

The following are the different types of mattress protectors:

Fitted – a fitted mattress protector is much like a fitted sheet in that it slides over the edges and corners of the mattress.

Elastic Strap – some mattress protectors come with elastic straps that fit over the corners of the bed.

Zippered – a zippered quilted mattress protector king encloses the mattress entirely. It works like a protective glove over the bottom and top parts of the mattress.

Reasons for Buying a Quilted Mattress Protector 
Those who buy fitted sheets are not likely to think that a mattress protector is necessary. What they’re not aware of are the important functions that a single quilted mattress protector actually serves, such as:

To protect the mattress from stains caused by body oils, hair oils, sweat, saliva, etc.

To keep the mattress dry and clean

To provide extra support and comfort

To protect you against dust mites and bedbugs

To prolong the lifespan of your mattress

What You Should Look for in a Mattress Protector

Every buyer has needs that are unique from the needs of other buyers. Nevertheless, there are a couple of specific features you should look for when purchasing a mattress protector. Below are some of them:

SIZE – you can find different sizes of mattress protectors – double quilted mattress protector, queen mattress protector, California king protector, crib size, etc. Make sure you pick the size suitable for your specific mattress.

HYPOALLERGENIC – if you or your loved ones are suffering from sensitivities or allergies to some fabrics, a hypoallergenic variety is recommended.

COMFORT – mattresses also vary according to their comfort level, some are soft and some are firm.

THREAD COUNT – the higher the thread count of a mattress, the softer and more luxurious feel it offers.

EASY WASHING – you want your double quilted mattress protector to be machine washable for easier washing.

BREATHABILITY – a good mattress protector can breathe well, so the mattress can remain cool.

Now that you know everything about quilted mattress protectors, it’s time for you to check out different brands. Luxura is one of the most popular brands in the UK which offers a wide range of bedding products, including quilted mattress protectors. Visit their website to know your options!