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Selling a home at above market price isn’t easy, but if you make
the proper additions to your home, making a profit on the sale is a real
possibility. It will require some work, so below are some ways you can renovate
your home to add value to it when you later put it on the market.

Repaint Your Walls

This renovation is rather straightforward but can really give you a bang for
your buck. If you repaint your walls, it will give your rooms a fresh new look.
This also gives you the chance to correct some mistakes that may be bringing
down the value of your home such as ugly, scratched or garish walls. Overall,
paint is a very cheap investment at around $25 a gallon. Do the work yourself
or ask family and friends to help.

Replace Faucet Fixtures and Sinks
Overtime, faucet fixtures and sinks can wear out. They can rust, corrode, and
develop a rather used and grungy look. This is not going to do a good job
selling the house to anyone. If there’s one thing you should renovate to
increase your home’s aesthetics, it’s the visible plumbing fixtures. Go for
choices in your kitchen and bathrooms that will either give a sense of refined
class or chic modernism.

Install a Backsplash in Your Kitchen

While kitchens seem to be the most utilitarian of spaces, they are one of the
rooms that most often sells a home. Don’t overlook your kitchen’s aesthetics.
One easy renovation project to add some panache to your kitchen is to install a backsplash. A backsplash should act as a visual focal point for the entire
room. Tile is a great choice that should look excellent and not cost too much.

Install New Toilets

One thing no one wants to see is an old or dirty looking toilet. Toilets with
an unpleasant appearance can certainly scare off buyers. However, not all is
lost. Toilets are actually one of the easiest parts of your pluming to install.
A toilet basically just fits over existing plumbing. Choose an attractive
looking fixture that matches the aesthetics of your bathroom. A low flow toilet
may be a good option that can also help you cut down on your water bill.

Add Curb Appeal
As any expert will tell you, homes for sale go for higher prices if they have
good curb appeal. This may require installing a new driveway or planting trees
or bushes but even just quality yard work alone can add significant curb

Selling a home at a higher price takes some work. If you use the suggestions
aboveyou will find that it’s easier than you thought. The extra work will
certainly be worth the effort in the end. Use the savings you get with a bigger
sale toward your new place and see if firms like Adams, Cameron and Co., Realtors can offer you options
for higher end real estate. A good sale can take you far if you know how to use
your budget and renovations right.