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When you choose a hardwood floor for your home it is always a wonderful investment as it gives a beautiful, classy, elegant, natural and a timeless effect to the house. But it also comes with its own set of disadvantages. On the other side engineered wood flooring has more strength, it is cost-effective and quite similar to the hardwood flooring in appearance. Let us take a look at why engineered wood flooring triumphs all:

• It gives the illusion of real wood:

This is the most important advantage of engineered wood flooring that it looks exactly like pure wood flooring. When it was introduced for the first time it was considered bad quality. But with time a lot of improvements have been observed and a good quality engineered floor can make give the illusion of a wood flooring.

• Enhanced durability:

Engineered wood is manufactured by bonding together layers of plywood and it is made sure that each layer is topped off with a solid wood lamella. Because if this layering the engineered wood becomes very tough and will last in both home and commercial places.

• Negligible structural differences:

When it comes to normal wood flooring it does expand and contract according to the climatic conditions. But because of its built up, engineered wood flooring doesn’t expand or contract as the natural wood. This makes it less risky to damage then its counterpart. Especially in kitchen and bathrooms, or any other places that indicate a presence of moisture, the engineered wood is definitely a better choice.

• Easy installation:

Engineered wood is very easy to work with and its installation is rather quick as well. You can get it professionally installed or do it yourself. It also comes with a click system that is simpler than the normal engineered floors that are commonly available. These clips help you to get the work done quickly and save a lot of time and avail a hassle-free service.

• Wider board:

Inwood flooring it becomes very difficult to find a wide wood board as a very big tree will be needed for it. But it’s not the same case with the engineered wood. Boards can be easily made wider as per the requirements. This also helps in a way that fewer wood fractions will be needed for the installation that will take less time to be covered.

• It can be sanded:

Depending on the thickness of the lamella of the engineered wood floor it can be re-sanded. This helps the floor gets a new life back when it starts to have an older look or the shine has faded with time.

• It can be refinished:

When you have re-sanded your engineered floor one time, it can be refinished to protect and make it look new again. So this gives you the flexibility that you can change the look of your floor each time you re-sand it.

Bottom line, engineered wood flooring is a huge step forward in the field of home decor. Be it look, or durability, this type of flooring wins in every way. It comes in numerous designs. You can take a look at some of the best designs Lifestyle Flooring UK.