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People sleep in many different spots, and depending on culture and comfort, some may seem a little strange when compared to sleeping in a usual bed like many do. However, everyone is a bit different and finding an alternative sleeping spot isn’t always a bad thing. For instance, one such alternative sleeping spot is a reclining chair.

There are actually benefits to sleeping in a recliner, more than the average person would assume. They will not only improve the health of people with trouble sleeping but also they can be nice furniture in your house. Sometimes, a recliner is the best possible place to sleep, and some of the benefits to that may surprise you, benefits such as:

Breathing Help

Many would be surprised to find out that sleeping in a good quality recliner could actually help with breathing. This is true and works best for those who have trouble breathing in a lying down position. The inclined nature of the recliner helps open the airways and allows for easy breathing during sleep. This is helpful for those who snore as well, creating not only a more restful sleep for the sleeper but for those around them as well.

Helps with Swelling

Those who retain water or swell up easily know that keeping one’s feet in the air can help swelling decrease. This is great for those with diabetes or those with other medical issues that cause painful and uncomfortable swelling to occur often. When sleeping in a recliner, one’s feet and legs are raised, allowing painful swelling to decrease and blood to flow properly.

Great for Circulation

Sleeping in a recliner is often a great way to improve one’s circulation to extremities and other body parts. By sleeping at a slight incline, the heart finds it easier to pump blood throughout one’s body. Parts that would suffer from poor circulation by sleeping in a straight, flat position now have easier access to blood flow, improving circulation and the health of those who sleep in a recliner.

Improves Heart Health

Another great benefit of sleeping in a recliner is that it may improve heart health. This is helpful for those with heart disease or those who struggle with heart health. By sleeping in a recliner, circulation is improved and the heart is more on level with the rest of the body, this allows the heart to work less to pump blood throughout the body, putting less stress on one’s heart and therefore improving heart health along the way.

Helps with Pain

Those who begin to sleep in a recliner often find that some of their aches and pains lessen, making their day a less painful and stressful day. This is because the recliner supports parts of one’s spine that sometimes don’t get the support they need with mattresses. This allows the body to sleep in a more preferable position, easing pressure on joints and the spine, which in turn lessens pain and aches. This is especially helpful to those who suffer from back issues or arthritis.

There are many great benefits to sleeping in a recliner, not just those that were discussed above. Recliners are made for comfort, and many terminally ill patients enjoy sleeping in them compared to their beds. This is true for many people, and as such the recliner has become a celebrated sleeping location for many and for good reason as well.