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Despite the fact that their senses of smell and hearing are far more acute than humans and they probably have senses humans don’t even know about, many humans are sad that dogs and cats see in shades of muddy greens and washed out blues and the warmer colors of red and orange aren’t really available to them. The millions of warm, cool and neutral colors humans can see are vital to how they see the world and how they decorate their homes.

The Color Wheel

When it comes to figuring out a new color scheme, many homeowners use the color wheel. This is a circle that’s divided into primary, secondary and intermediate colors. This is just about everything a homeowner needs to know about devising a new color scheme. No knowledge of arcane color theories or art classes are needed.

Storage Units Make Changing Colors Easy

Some people stick with a color scheme and keep it for as long as they live in the house. Indeed, they may recreate the color schemes in the same rooms in a new place. Others change the color scheme with the seasons, or even more frequently. This is made easier with such tricks as slipcovers, area rugs, paintings and occasional furniture. These items can be kept in a storage unit until the homeowner needs them. Utilizing a storage unit can help you a lot when it comes to redecorating your home.

What Color Does

Color is magical in a room, because it can trick the eye in delightful ways. A room that the homeowner thinks is too small can be made to look larger by using pale colors that seem to make the walls recede. A room that’s a little too big can be helped by colors that are warm and dark. These two principals can even be used the same time. If the homeowner wants to make a long room look more square, they can paint the end walls a warm, bold color such as fire engine red. This is not only attention-grabbing but makes the room look shorter.

Feel Warm or Cool? Maybe it’s the Color

A room’s color scheme can even affect the way people perceive its temperature. Cool colors are excellent in a room that gets an abundance of sunlight. A white bathroom with touches of yellow or pink makes it seem warmer. Shades of brown make an otherwise chilly room cozier than it is.

Changing the color scheme of a home is easier than most people believe. Even painting the walls and ceiling doesn’t have to be very daunting. Whether the change is to celebrate a new season, a new family member or a new outlook, the importance of color can’t be overstated.