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Home renovation means you are transforming your home into something out of your dreams! So, you would obviously want each and every portion of your home to be spotless and perfect. A home renovation includes both the interior and the exterior of your home. Do not act like a novice and forget all about the garage door. But, you might not know anything about garage doors!

Do not worry about that one bit! We are here to help. Stores and agencies like Associated Garage Doors have numerous garage door options, but you need to spin your own magic on the doors. The doors are of top-notch value, but that should never be enough! You need to bring alive your creative streak.

Garage Door Styles that can help create the Home of your Dreams

Nobody pays the poor garage door any attention! Well, that needs to change. We are here to enlighten you about the various garage door décor styles that you could implement during the renovation. Here are a few styles:

  1. Contemporary: Do not let the mundane garage doors overrule your home’s beauty! Use the contemporary style to create a door with neutral and bold colours along with soft and rounded lines. This should be able to create a beautiful front to your home!
  2. Spanish Dream: The villas of Spain can offer an enticing sight. But, when you couple the mundane garage doors with your Spanish renovation, your dreams lie shattered everywhere! Add some Spanish charm to the garage door as well. Details like wooden door with handles and hinges of wrought iron can help you transform the whole house into the Spanish dream you had.
  3.  Modern: Anodized metal frames coupled with clear or frosted acrylic inserts can be the best way to perfect the modern look. You will be able to successfully create a beautiful property that is modern in style!
  4. Fibreglass: This design will be a good addition, if you do not have any particular style in mind. It can fit any kind of style, from modern to contemporary. But, of course if you have an idea about the décor you want, it is better to stick to that style. Mixed ideas can prompt conflict, so choose the fibreglass garage doors, which can fit all kinds of décor style.
  5.  Farmhouse: A farmhouse shed is huge, because they are home to tractors! So, we are not talking about an actual farmhouse, but the style. Stained wooden doors that have been finished with a coat of polyurethane will perfect the farmhouse charm; you want to integrate in your home.
  6.  Matching Colour Palette: You must have thought about some colour palette for the exterior of your home. Make sure that you match the colour of your garage door with that colour palette.
  7.  French: Ah, the French Riviera and it’s beautiful properties! The décor is unique, which oozes with a certain romantic feel. The front door needs to be wooden, but the garage door does not need to have to be wooden. All you need to do is colour the garage door with a neutral colour like beige.
  8.   Customized Doors: Some companies also offer you the option to have the door optimized according to your need. You might have zeroed in on a style for your home exterior, but the traditional and obvious decor for the garage door is not what you wish for. Go for the customized door option and create your own style!

See, all you need is a little nudge and now your mind is running at thousands of miles per hour to start your renovation and build your dream house. In the rush, do not forget the styles we mentioned. Incorporate these in your home’s garage door décor. The garage door will never be perceived in a mundane way ever again!