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Home renovation always comes with a promise – after you overcome all the obstacles, the hardships and mess ups, you’ll come out of it with something new and fresh. It is a primary way to upgrade your home in both functional and aesthetical sense. Unfortunately, and mostly due to the sub-par workmanship, the costs of renovations can get through the roof and that’s not even the worst of it. You can end up with a damaged house and in the middle of a lawsuit with your contractors. In case something like this happens, here’s what to do when renovations turn into a nightmare.

Transparency is the key

Insist on meeting your contractor in person and hashing out every facet of the coming renovation. Any fishy contractor will be evasive, and this is when you need to openly ask for full transparency throughout the project. It is a tricky thing to balance, since the contractor can appear awkward in a certain way, and yet it can only be due to their character. However, if this persists and your gut instinct tells you there is something more to this, maybe it is best to pull out before you sign anything, and look for a different contractor.

Be there, all the timeBe there, all the time

As the overhaul is going on, you should probably pop your head into the renovated room from time to time. Most contractors work on a specific planned-out schedule, and you should ask for a copy of that schedule. In fact, if you notice things are not going exactly according to the agreement, you should probably be there all the time, and if the workers and the contractor don’t course-correct in a reasonable time-frame (for example, after a week if the renovation is supposed to last for three months), you should fire them immediately and look for another contractor. Determination and resolve are critical here, because they will save you precious money.

The work can be compartmentalized

If a particular room is being renovated in its entirety, a total disaster can be at least somewhat rectified if the work is compartmentalized. Here’s an example: If the contractor is working the walls, you can have a reliable 24 hour electrician from Sydney with whom you’ve had previous (good) experiences help out. This electrician can take a look at the way the contractor is approaching the renovation when it comes to wiring and lend some useful insight. Additionally, the electrician who already knows the wiring in your house will manage to rectify the damage done to the circuits in a timely manner. The same example applies for plumbers, if you are renovating your bathroom, etc.

Terms and signatures

Here is a crucial thing that can save your life – put everything on paper and make the contractor sign it. If you are offered a contract and paperwork to sign, it’s better to hire a lawyer now – someone who will look through the entire document and check if there are any irregularities or loopholes. The fee you’ll pay for the lawyer’s services will pale in comparison to the cost of the law suit in case things go really awry. Just remember – even if you have every right to be reimbursed due to the damage to your household, these lawsuits can turn into drawn-out nightmares in and of themselves. You can demand a new contract to be drawn, and if the contractor refuses the terms of the agreement, it should be an immediate deal breaker.

Terms and signatures

If your renovation has turned into a nightmare, the best way to go about it is to try and settle it with your contractors. Reasonable construction and renovation firms will reimburse you for their mistake and your troubles, but if this is not an option, hiring an attorney or even a law firm becomes the only way to get financial satisfaction. No matter how you cut it, you have to be prepared for unplanned money loss, and in the end, you’ll have to hire another contractor to do everything from scratch. This is a no-win situation, so make sure you have checked the background of the company you want to hire and always ask for the receipts throughout the entire process.