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The second you move into your home, you’ll start planning projects and noticing things that need repaired, upgraded or replaced. Remodeling companies may charge you an arm and a leg, and sometimes leave a lot to be desired in the communication and courtesy departments. If you’re looking for home maintenance solutions Denver, then you should consider a handyman to do your work for you!

What is a Handyman?

A handyman is not simply a jack-of-all trades. Rather, they are skilled craftsmen who happen to have a wide set of specialized skills that can help you in any room of your house. They have access to powerful, industrial tools and a wealth of experience that most homeowners (even “handy” ones) simply don’t.

Carpentry, Drywall and Painting

Do you need to repair cracked, rotting, or broken floorboards, windowsills, or built-in closets or shelves? Woodworking craftsmen can do everything to sand down irregular shapes to build out custom shelving or closet spaces. Carpentry is a highly detailed craft, going beyond simply cutting and placing wood. A great handyman can build you a beautiful new piece out of simple wood.

Looking around your living, family and dining rooms, you may very well need some painting done. Why not let a handyman take care of it for you? They’ll set up plastic and tape, use their skills, brushes and rollers, and complete the job far quicker than you would, all while leaving no trace afterwards! Maybe you need home maintenance solutions Denver because you have an unfinished basement that needs finishing? A handyman is the perfect choice to set drywall.

Bathroom and Kitchen

Bathroom and kitchen repairs and remodels are big business. While it’s true that not just anyone can come in off the street to cut tile and work around plumbing, a skilled handyman will know just what to do. From building a kitchen island to installing an exhaust fan, new tub or tile, this is great work that a craftsman can do at the fraction of the price.

Exterior Work

Many people who need home maintenance solutions Denver need exterior work done to their home. You’d be surprised at the range of services a handyman can provide outside! From a new coat of paint to siding repair, a craftsman can take care of it. Need new fencing or stone work done? They can cover this too.

A handyman relies on their reputation for referrals, so it’s always in their best interest to do the job right and leave the customer satisfied!