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Kitchens are a home’s heart and
soul. Whether we cook, eat or socialize, it’s safe to say that this room is the
most important of the house. How do we design it to make it seem chic and
comfortable? According to experts, the finest kitchens must have spirit; they
have to look inviting and scream liveliness. It’s not just about changing
cabinets and repainting walls, but about proper accessorizing, too. Here are
some useful tips to help you design your kitchen in the most convenient way.
Functionality should come first
If you want to redesign your
kitchen, keep in mind that functionality comes first. Interior designers stress
out that kitchens come in all sizes and shapes, and that the ideal outline doesn’t
exist. Homeowners must work with the space they have available to create a
soothing, balanced environment. The triangle has to be installed by the window
– cooktop, sink and fridge, but make sure there’s enough room left to move
around, too.
Planned storage
Nobody likes a cluttered
kitchen. It looks congested and it doesn’t scream elegance at all. Storage
space is extremely important because it maintains orders. If the space you have
available is limited, then go up to make more room. Opt for really tall
cabinets and don’t leave any space between the ceiling and the cabinets. Use
top drawers for things you use rarely, or are too bulky, such as pots and pans. 
Lighting fixtures
Some kitchens don’t have
immediate access to natural light, which means the only way to make your space
feel spacious is to include lighting fixtures. Don’t rely solely on overhead
lighting because it won’t be enough. Experts emphasize that placing lights
behind you will cast a shadow over your cooking. You won’t be able to see
properly, not to mention that your kitchen will seem dull and gloomy. Lights
must be installed in the front; of course, to add a bit of ingenuity, you can
opt for addition lighting such as under-the cabinet spots to create a soothing
Extensive countertops
If you’re an avid cook who
thinks cooking is art, then you’ll need plenty of counter space to prepare
delicious food for your loved ones. Make sure your countertop is positioned
between the sink and the oven; this will allow you to move around without
making a mess. If you have lots of extra space, you can include two counters,
one for food preparation and another one for baking.
Invest in a multi-functional kitchen island
There’s potential for excellent
functionality, storage and display in every kitchen, regardless of size and
shape. The problem is very people know how to make the most of this available
space. Kitchen islands are great
– we can use them for cooking, storing kitchen items and dining. Interior
designers advise us to opt for an island that fits into our kitchens; they
shouldn’t be oversized because the rest of the décor will be overshadowed. Invest
in a mobile island to save more space; this way you can move it around every
time you want to make room. Whatever choice you make, just make sure your
island has plenty of storage compartments; you’ll need those to deposit
kitchenware, groceries, and even food stuff.
Smart accessorizing
How do we accessorize a kitchen
to make it look elegant but practical? When your budget is limited and you
can’t afford to spend a couple of thousands of new appliances and furniture,
you can always go green. Eco-friendly solutions are such a functional, wise way
of revamping a kitchen. Flower and herb pots bring freshness into a space. While flowers add fragrance and color, herbs
can be used as ingredients when you cook. Purchase seasons or year-round
flowers to have them for extended periods of time. Lavender, rosemary, basil,
thyme and wheatgrass are excellent choices.
Redesigning a kitchen can be
such a simple endeavor when you know what you want. Nowadays, it’s easier and
cheaper than ever before to bring a dull kitchen to life; everything you need
is courage and some good advices to help you get started. If your kitchen is
dull and unappealing, now it would be a great time to spice things up. Repaint,
replace old furniture, reorganize, accessorize and make more room for storage
if you want to have the coolest kitchen.

By Peter Smith and KitStone.co.uk!