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Any home office, no matter how big, or small, can be efficiently
organized. Start with your desk and desk organization, then think how you can
utilise walls. The road towards ample home office storage does not need to be
boring. Unlock your creative side with DIY projects.
How big a
desk should be?

Contrary to what many people think, you should choose a small desk
fitting things you need every day, such as a desktop computer/laptop, a lamp
and baskets for accessories. Especially if your home office is in the living
room, or in the bedroom, choose a small computer desk, a student desk, or a
small writing desk with storage. A pull-out desk with the one main desk and the
one retractable desk is another practical idea. Transform a floating shelf with/without
a drawer into a desk if you are really tight on space. For those who do need
bigger desks, corner desks come in all shapes and materials.
How to make
the most out of the desk space?

If possible, try mounting your computer monitor to the wall. This will come in handy if you opt for a wall-mounted desk. Attach
a toothbrush holder to the side of the desk to place pencils and other accessories,
or install a wall hanger to hang your bag, for example. Magnetic knife racks
along with hooks can serve the same purpose as wall hangers. Kitchen wire
racks, which can be purchased almost anywhere, can also be hung on the side of
the desk. If your desk has a drawer, use drawer dividers, or a repurposed
muffin tin. Look for a clip-on table cup holder and a wall-mount phone holder.
extensive use of walls

Everything you use on a weekly basis should be on your arm’s
reach. As your desk should be clutter-free, make use of walls. If you are
looking for a lovely marriage of style and function, in addition to durability,
you should look into Dexion pallet racking and shelving solutions. For
instance, an Ultima CI-80 Shelving system is perfect for home office since it employs
mobile units you can order according to your needs. You can store everything
you can think of on this shelving: from files and folders to accessories.
Tame the
wires and cables

In order for your desk to be spick and span, get rid of any wires
and cables. The best option is if you can invest in a wireless mouse, a
wireless phone charger, or a wireless printer and scanner. But wired devices
can also be tamed as there are a variety of cable management options, such as
cable clips, cord clamps, cable identifiers, cable management boxes and cable
covers. If there is enough space under the desk, install shelves to store all
wires and cables.
is a key to clever and inexpensive storage

DIY repurposing ideas kill two birds with one stone – you can declutter your home
office and get rid of things piling in the garage. Instead spending money on
the corkboard, choose an artist’s canvas on which you can attach a sheet-metal
square to be your magnetic board and hang it above your desk. Shabby-chic home
offices lend themselves to using low-cost flea market teacups, teapots, small
plates and saucers for stashing pens, keys, stamps and papers. If you are in a
need of a mobile office, all you need to do is find an old cart, which can
function both as a laptop workstation and storage space. A cheap shower caddy
is another way to stack your supplies on the wall.

As papers and their organization can be the biggest problem, try
to go paperless and turn to electronic storage as much as you can. Not only
does electronic storage make your life more manageable, but it protects the
environment, too.