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Roller blinds are a best option for you
if you want to give an elegant look and protect your privacy and security.
These affordable roller blinds are usually manufactured using thick material
like bamboo, fiberglass sheet, burlap fabric or multi layered plastic. You can get
them in a wide variety of different designs and color. They can also be easily handled
as they come with an easily operated cord to lift or regulate the setting.

do you need roller blinds?
They are one of the best hassle free
solutions for your windows. They are very important for your homes and offices
as they give privacy and protection over your sleeping room. They only let
filtered sunlight enter your spaces. They also block harmful UV rays protecting
you and your possessions from severe rays. They also provide insulation to your
house in winters protecting it against cold waves. They protect your house from
unwanted noises from your neighborhood. Apart from these, they give the best
interior look to your house.
Roller blinds are very important for you
if you value your privacy, want to keep your house protected and for decorating
your house in an affordable way.
Tips for choosing a perfect Roller Blind for yourself:

  • -Light and privacy: You have to decide upon how much light and privacy you need for your room. Your decision may vary according to your requirement. These factors affect the styles and fabrics you choose.
  • -Your budget: Fixing your budget is very important in choosing affordable roller blinds; it affects your choice of patterns, fabrics, and features.
  • -How much maintenance you can do: Standard blinds need frequent attention though is easy to clean. Having textured fabrics and weaves roller blinds require vacuum cleaning or professional cleaning.
  • -Your beautifying style: The choice of colours, texture and styles completely depend on your personal likings.
  • -Safety: How much safe you want your roller blinds to be, do you want your children need streamlined cordless blinds.

While picking up your blinds, remember:
Wider horizontal slats: They create an illusion of larger windows and give a spacious look to the room.
Vertical blinds are specially designed for wider windows or picture windows or across sliding glass doors.

Measuring your windows for a perfect fit roller blind:

Measuring the exact size of the window can help you to choose the right
blind for you. For an inside-mount blind measure the exact size of the open
slot and for outside-mounted styles, window frame needs to be included in your
measurements. You can also call company’s representative for taking the exact
size. Consultation helps in picking correct blind for your window.
Fixing up the roller
Choose from inside-mounted
blind or an outside-mounted style.
Take all the required
Buy the roller blind and
have it cut according to the required size.  Select the best from
different available colours, patterns and material.
Mark the points on both
sides of the window where the head rail brackets have to be fitted.
Subject to the length of
the head rail, mark the spots where the backing brackets are to be anchored.
Drill holes for screws on
the marked points to fix the head rail and support brackets. 
Fix the brackets using the
screws. Check for the perfect alignment of head rail brackets and screws.
After head rail brackets
are installed, attach the blind to the head rail.
Finally attach the tilt
wand to the window blind. Tilt wand helps in raising and lowering your blinds.
Before installing the roller blinds, read the instructions carefully and stick to
the process given in the leaflet.