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Roof leaks are a big problem, no matter how little an issue they may seem. If you have noticed small stains in the ceilings in the top floor, or down the walls, that are not directly underneath a water pipe or bathroom, then you likely have a roof leak. Finding and repairing a roof leak straight away is essential, as you will quickly discover should you leave it. No matter how little it bothers you at the time, nor if you are moving out, or having the roof replaced, you need to repair the leak immediately. A small leak can lead to serious rotting, and that rot will give you heaps of trouble if not prevented. You will suffer from caved in roofs, serious issues surrounding water damage, and marked walls all through the house. These issues can also cause a smell that will not be something that you can get rid of unless you are willing tore move the damaged areas yourself!

When you discover that there may be a leak, you should try finding it’s source. For a start, get up in to the attic with a flash light, and check to see whether there is any obvious sign of where the leak is coming through. You will see water markings, stains and even warping in the sheeting, trusses, or the insulation material. Pinpointing exactly where the leak is coming through can be hard, but if you can get a rough area then you are on to a good start. Get up on to the roof when conditions are good, and have a look at the area that you think the leak is coming through. You will usually find that it is not coming through the tiled areas, except in places where they are broken or the joining has become loose. There is rarely a time where the leak is not caused by the flashing being loose, or a foot not being installed properly, so be sure to check these areas when you are looking for the source of the lake before you start ripping up tile or shingle! When you do take up tiles, you will likely see that the staining and discoloration is present in the spot where the water has come through. The hope is that the darker color will be where the exact point of entry is, and that is where you should focus your attention. It will usually be pretty obvious as to what you need to do to repair it, as it will be a case of re-fitting tiles, mending a hole in the moisture membrane, fixing the flashing or re-installing a footing. These are all separate jobs that are fairly simple to get done by yourself, or by a qualified roofer, the latter is recommended!

Unfortunately, the work that has to go in to replacing rotten joists and stained dry wall is not simple, nor is it cheap. This is the main reason that you need to check for leaks when you think you have started to notice one. Failing to sort these things can result in all sorts of issues, from holes in the ceiling, to a whole roof coming crashing down! You don’t want the risk or the expense of any of that happening, especially when fixing such things can be a rather cheap repair! Be sure to keep up the maintenance on your roof to prevent leaks form happening in the first place, as such things can help a lot. Even clearing the gutters and checking the flashing every now and again could save you a lot of hassle! Islington Domestic Cleaning Company can clean your gutters.