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Dampness can lead to a lot undesirable things, from horrible odours, degradation of the house structure to carpet damage and serious health concerns, not to mention providing a habitat for unwanted insects. Paint and ceilings getting discoloured is a common result of uncontrolled dampness and black mould and tide marks add to an ugly and gloomy scenario.

Why Damp Proofing?

Damp proofing is a scientific and methodical way of addressing this issue. Using the latest innovations along with a clear understanding of the roots of the problem, experts seal your home with damp proofing injection techniques, preventing the moisture from outside to enter your home. The damp proof injection is foam that then fuses with the structure of the wall or the brickwork, reacting with the silica to form a water repellent coat.

Damp proofing can be applied on almost all types of homes. From to brick to breezeblock and stone, there are ways to ensure effective anti-damp measures. Modern damp proofing techniques use safe and raw materials and there are no flammable ingredients involved. The process of damp proofing is very quick and not very intrusive, so you can go about your regular routine while the fixes are being made. The results are also very long-lasting. Damp proofing can be done for interior walls along with exteriors too.

Save on Repair Costs

A damp-proofing session on time will save you a lot on house repair costs. The costs of new plasterwork, timber repair and fixing ceiling tiles are incomparably high compared to a smart damp proofing project. Prevent damage with a simple and well-engineered method of keeping your interiors dry.

How to Go About It

First you need to identify the early symptoms of dampness, which include signs of decomposition in your building skirting and moisture and condensation on walls and around windows, then it is time to get an expert to evaluate. Some of the common structural reasons for dampness include badly installed double glazing, draughty doors, and brickwork damage and water build-up around and under the walls. Poor quality material, bad planning and long term maintenance neglect also factor in to this problem.

The weather in the North-East is one of the main reasons for dampness setting in, especially in older houses where the permeable stone work allows for moisture to seep in. Finding and tackling damp is hence a very important part of home care and maintenance. Get in touch with a reputed damp proofing company Newcastle that has been operating in the local region and enjoys knowledge of the common building problems in the area. A good evaluation will save you lot of time and money in the long term.

Keeping Your House Dry and Comfortable

Damp proofing is not just a preventive or restorative activity; it also ensures that your home is water proof and dry in all corners. This assures all members of a healthy and comfortable space, especially important if you have young children who love to explore every inch of the house. Get your home checked now and enjoy the benefits of professional damp proofing.