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The trappings of Scandinavian design have officially hit the
mainstream, that’s why you’re seeing deer head silhouettes, copper, and natural
elements like branches in home decor stores. This minimalist style of decor is
classic because of its simplicity. Although it can be expensive to furnish your
home in a minimalist style, it can also be done in less expensive, crafty ways,
like attaching tilted or hairpin legs to existing furniture. The legs can be
purchased online and attached to long, flat coffee tables, nightstands, or even
a tree stump to form a small table.
Start small by introducing copper accents to existing
objects in your home, such as decorative vases, mugs, mirror or picture frames,
or decorative tin cans. Invest in both copper spray paint and copper tape, and
look around your home for potential objects that would benefit from this
Next, try using some wooden elements such as flexible balsa
for decorative wooden wall art, or branches you forage from you own yard.
Branches can be sanded down, painted white or left au naturale, and used as
coat hooks, hanging racks for plants or art, or simply a decoration on a shelf.

These crafty design ideas are fast, inexpensive and can be swapped
out if you grow out of this particular style. Most importantly, the amount of
money you need to shell out to tap into this style of the moment is as minimalist
as the decor itself. Check out more tips for implementing Scandinavian style onFix.com.
Scandinavian Design
Scandinavian Design
Scandinavian Design
Scandinavian Design