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When it comes to your garage, reorganizing the space will
only go so far. Take the time in the re-modification of your garage space to
apply an epoxy seal to the floor. Whether you use your garage space for storage
or for parking your car, adding an epoxy paint seal to the floor can provide a
protective seal that will help the floor surface to last. Epoxy sealing gives
the floor a professional look, and will also combat against oil stains, water
beading, and will hide bothersome concrete imperfections. Below are tips to
correctly epoxy, seal, and paint your garage floor.

Purchase Equipment: The first step to this entire process
requires you to ensure you are prepared with all necessary equipment to
complete the job. This calls for a visit to the local hardware store.
Typically, you can find epoxy garage floor coating kits in the paint section-
and this is exactly what you need. One of these kits will be suitable for the
size of a one car garage, so if you’re working bigger spaces, you will require
more material.

Clean Surface: Just like any other do-it-yourself project, it
is important to clean the surface of your garage floor prior to sealing it.
Sweep or mop away any dust and debris, then fill in concrete anomalies with
caulk. For added professionalism, use a concrete floor scraper to ensure the
surface is even and smooth. Complete the cleaning stage by hosing the floor off
completely to wash away any excess debris.
Prep for Application: Apply tape to the walls and garage
door lining the room. When it comes to paint projects like this, small
accidents like bumping into something can prove to be monumental. By taping off
the bottom of the walls and entry ways, you will help prevent getting epoxy on
any surfaces it is not supposed to be.
Prime Surface: If you purchased an epoxy flooring kit, it
may not have come with a primer. Applying primer before the layer of epoxy may
be ideal. Taking the time to add a coat of primer will ensure proper adhesion
of the epoxy and paint to the concrete surface.
Apply Epoxy: When it comes to the epoxy application, be sure
to layer a few coats on as thick as possible. The thicker the epoxy layer, the
shinier it will come out. If you are striving for a professional look, be sure
to apply at least 3 coats. Take note of where you start painting so as to not
paint yourself in a corner. Begin in the corner furthest away from a doorway
and paint your way to the exit of your garage.
After application, wait a few days and let the epoxy dry.
Once the surface has completely cured, your garage will have a professional,
luxurious look. For more help with garage floor sealing, contact the experts at
CertaPro Painters ofVineland.