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A bathroom is where one can relax and forget about the problems of the day. For parents of toddlers, it can be a space to have a few minutes of peace and some me-time. Although a bathroom may seem cold and lonely due to the limited furniture and accessories, it can be spruced up to meet your standards. To spruce it up and make it your own, you first need to imagine what you want your bathroom to be like.  Whether you’re looking for a more classy and elegant feeling or smart and chic, you can get all you need and more if you’re searching for bathroom accessories in South Africa .

The right faucet for you

Finding a bathroom faucet can be all about looks but don’t compromise on quality only to have to replace it again in no time. So, whether you’re changing the design of your bathroom or just your faucet, find out how many holes the sink has. This is because a sink may have one hold for the hot handle, one for the cold and another for the sprout of the faucet. Also decide what kind of faucet you desire for your bathroom, does a faucet with two handles work better for the vision you have or do you prefer one with a single handle. A faucet with one handle is more convenient for adjusting the water temperature. For a drip-free faucet for a number of years, one with ceramic valves is recommended and it also costs as much as any other faucet. Before purchasing your ideal faucet, do ensure that it will match well with other accessories that will be included in the bathroom.

What sink?

When it comes to the sink, there are many varieties to choose from such as a pedestal sink and although it may be outdated by some people’s standards, it is still a preference nonetheless. This wall-mounted sink has a design made to conceal the pipes especially if your pipes have to come through the floor. Another option is a drop-in sink that seems to sit on top of the counter with just the rim visible, but the whole sink is below the counter. Unlike the drop-in sink, the under mount sink is glued to the underside of the counter. This means that the sink is not entirely visible, and water can easily be wiped off into the sink. A wall-mounted sink is not placed inside or on top of a counter but is rather fastened onto the wall. Without any cabinets beneath or pipes to conceal, it gives your bathroom an open and spacious feeling. Whether you will have a shower or bath or both in your bathroom, it is important to match to give the bathroom a consistent theme.

To towel ring or to towel bar

Before even thinking about how you will install your towel ring or towel bar, the first thing you need to figure out is where in your bathroom it will be installed and at what height. You will want your towel ring and bar to be within reach from the bathtub, shower or sink to avoid messing on the floor. You can also place the ring on the outside of a shower door or you can place the towel bar behind the bathroom door.  Because towel rings are the best alternative when you have a small bathroom and need to maximize your space, you can place multiple towel rings around the bathroom at various heights, so parents and children can reach them. The towel rings will be evenly spaced and not look cluttered.

Mirror mirror on the wall

Mirrors are the center-piece in many modern bathrooms and one of the most important factors before getting one is where in the bathroom it will be installed.  They can change the appearance of a bathroom and add a stylish point to it. You can place the mirror in common spaces such as above the sink or above the vanity base to keep it simple. Do measure for width and the height of where the mirror will be placed to get the correct size. Conduct a few more measurements to be assured of the dimensions and not accidently get a mirror that is slightly bigger than where it will be mounted. Consider the cabinets and where they are located while doing the measurement as this will also impact on how the mirror will be installed. Once the measurements are done and you are ready to browse for a mirror, ensure that what you will select will fit in well with the setting of your bathroom. Wood frame mirrors go well with classic styled bathrooms while round mirrors are more a feature of modern bathrooms. Bathroom cabinets with mirrors will come in handy to store more than just the makeup kit, but also allow one to do their makeup, hair and shaving.

Bathroom mats

Bathroom mats are a must for any home especially if there are children known to mess during bath time. Not only do they soak up excess water from the floor but also prevents us from slipping and falling due to a rubber underneath. A bathroom mat can also be a defining feature in any home and when matched well with the rest of the accessories, gives off a luxurious setting.

Now that you have an idea of what your bathroom can’t be without, so whether you are renovating or building a new bathroom, take some time and thoroughly plan your course of action. With patience, your bathroom will turn out even better than what you have in mind.