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We sometimes break the bank upgrading our homes so we can fulfil that gorgeously designed home of our dreams. We pin high gloss kitchen decorating ideas on Pinterest and gawk at home renovation ideas at stores. We’re at some point literally obsessed with beautifying our homes. And once we have installed the perfect worktop or the ideal kitchen finish, we had better know how to prolong its life and beauty.

It doesn’t matter how much you have spent beautifying you’re when at the end of the year, it looks like it has been poorly maintained and lost its stunning shine. If it took you an arm and leg to have these finishes, then you had better know how to take good care of them so that they look stunning in the years to come and you make the most of your investment.

Keep in mind the 3 very important parts of maintaining any object—the right cleaning product, the right cleaning tool, and the right cleaning technique. So here’s the meat and potatoes when it comes to cleaning high-gloss furniture finish for your home.

High gloss furniture

This décor has become part of contemporary home design because of its chic, clean and gorgeous features. However, because of its light-reflecting high-gloss sheen, scratches, dent, fingerprints and chips are easily noticeable. Then, cleaning the surface with the use of wrong cleaning products could strip away the sheen and make the surface looking worn and damaged.

The right cleaning product

The safest option, and the cheapest, for a regular cleaning is water, but not too much water. Although water is the perfect product to clean your high gloss kitchen finishes, too much of it can warp the lacquer (if that’s the type of finish used).

If you want to polish your high gloss piece, use a cream polish specifically designed for high gloss pieces. Avoid silicone-based polish. A high gloss finish is really expensive to repair. So test cleaning products first in hidden areas if you really want to polish the surface.

The right cleaning tool

Your best bet is a microfiber cloth. They effectively lift oil and moisture from the surface and cut through dirt. They are also non-abrasive.

The right cleaning technique

Regular dusting is all you need to achieve a clean and chic finish for your high gloss furniture. Only apply a gentle pressure so you will not buff off any sheen on the surface. Move in the grain’s direction (only if it is visible). Follow an “S” pattern, beginning at the top, to remove dust and work your way to the bottom.

If there are smudges or fingerprints, dampen the microfiber cloth with lukewarm water and then gently polish the surface using a circular motion, removing the smudges, fingerprints or spots. If there are accidental stains or spills, immediately clean them. Do not wait until they dry off because it could be difficult to remove and damage the surface’s finish.

So now that you have the necessary knowledge on how to clean and maintain your high gloss kitchen and other furniture, go ahead and upgrade your home and achieve the dream home. You only need to maintain them properly for the years to come.