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Prevention is better than cure. This quote is true as far as your physical health is concerned. It is also true when you speak about the health of your house. Hence, investing in a gutter guard should be foremost on your mind when you go in for the next renovation of your house.

Blocked Gutters can be a headache:

What has a gutter guard got to do with the health of the house? This question can come to mind. Every house has a gutter to collect rainwater and let it flow to the drain. Now, gutters can develop blockages like fallen leaves, animal waste, bird droppings, fallen feathers, and twigs. Naturally, water will stagnate in a blocked gutter. As the level of water increases, it can spillover the walls of your house and seep through, thereby defacing its looks and weakening its structure as well. Hence, installation of gutter guards becomes very important.

Reasons to install gutter guards:

Let us look at seven reasons why this particular fitting gains importance, especially with winter and autumn just round the corner.

·         Protect foundation of building structure:

A clogged gutter will cause overflowing rainwater to slide through the sides of the walls and stagnate at the base. This water can percolate down to the foundation and cause erosion resulting in weakening of the structure.

Repairing a building foundation is an expensive task with itscost running into thousands of dollars. A fitting as simple as a gutter guard can prevent collection of muck inside the gutters. Water can thus flow down towards the drains easily.

·         Prevent damage to Fascia and Soffit:

Fascia and soffit are important parts of any building structure. Clogging of gutters can cause rotting of the fascia and soffit as they are in proximity to the gutters. Draining water can also leave ungainly stains on the walls of the house. This gives an opportunity to molds and mildews to raise their heads. Getting rid of them can be a tough task.

Installing a gutter guard can solve this problem forever.

·         Prevent damage to the roof:

It can so happen that stagnating water might just overflow on to the roof. If you leave them unattended, there are chances of water seeping inside the house as well. This can damage the roof necessitating expensive repairs. You can easily avoid this expense by fitting your gutters with guards.

·         Save your basement from flooding:

A clogged gutter does not allow water to drain off. This water can collect inside your basement and damage the flooring. You might be having your billiards table in there or you might have kept some of your unused furniture as well. Stagnant water can damage your valuables. Fixing a gutter guard can help you safeguard your expensive furniture / basement.

·         Keep diseases at bay:

Mosquitoes love stagnant water. Moss, molds, and mildew relish such conditions. This can not only damage your building structure but also provide a breeding ground for diseases to take root. The simplest solution to this issue is to install a gutter guard and prevent clogging of the gutters.

·         Prevent defacing of the landscape:

Naturally, you like your house to be as beautiful from the outside as it is inside. This is why you have flower beds and gardens all over the house. A clogged gutter can go a long way in defacing this landscape. Water can accumulate in your flower beds causing them to rot. Installing a gutter guard is the correct step to take to prevent such an occurrence.

·         Avoid unwanted growth of fauna and flora:

Stagnant water can cause unwanted growth of plants and weeds all around your house. You have to spend a fortune cleaning the driveway to your house. Would it not have been a good idea to prevent water from stagnating? Installing a gutter guard would never have caused this problem to arise.

Final thoughts:

You have just seen the damage a clogged gutter can cause. It is a great idea to cover your gutters with gutter guards before the onset of the winter. Hence, include this fitting the next time you go in for a home renovation.