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Imagine seeing a picture in a room that is crooked or off
center. It just looks wrong. It’s one of those things that when you see it, you
can’t un-see it.
Sure it can be mildly irritating, but it can also be easily
fixed so you’re not likely to pull out your hair over something as simple as
If your granite, quartzite or marble countertops are
installed and the seams don’t matched up, it’s something that can slowly eat
away at you and isn’t just a simple fix.
This is where the importance of book matching your
countertops can come into play.

So what exactly is book-matching?

Book-matched granite are slabs that are near identical to
one another. These slabs were right next to each other during the cutting
process, which creates a mirror image of one another. When done effectively,
book-matched slabs can even look like abstract art or a Rorschach test.[Book-match feature image Granite Liquidators]
When would I need to Book-match?

Since book-matching is referring to two slabs having a
consistent look with one another, if your project requires more than one slab,
then you can certainly benefit from book-matched slabs.
It can also depend on the type of granite you have. For
example, this user from a Houzz forum showed a picture a granite that was
fabricated without book-matching.[Mismatched
Example Picture]
As you can see, this particular style of granite makes it
more difficult for mixing and matching to achieve a consistent look, and it
just doesn’t look as good as it could have.
With more basic granite slabs, like [Santa CeciliaGold], you are more likely to get away with not book-matching.On the other
hand exotic stones, like [Sedna Magma],
would be much more obvious and have a clashing look.
What does this mean for my project?
Going back to the crooked picture example, book-matching
your granite is critical to achieving a consistent look and even flow. It would
look as if a puzzle had its pieces forced together in all the wrong spots.
And if you consider book matching prior to building your
materials, you’ll be at a creative advantage. Why? Post-installation, the only
solution to a poorly matched seam would be to buy all new materials and
re-install them. And let’s be honest – nobody
has the time or resources to do that. So it’s always something to keep in the
back of your mind when looking at your potential materials.
Is Book-matching mandatory to my project?
Of course not! It’s just another way to achieve optimal flow
and consistency. Book-matching for project consistency is one of those things
where you might not notice it unless someone pointed it out to you, so the
option to book-match is just that: an option.
However, take into account that more exotic pieces might benefit
more from book-matching so always keep that in mind when selecting your
granite, quartzite or marble countertops.

Asking your fabricator or countertop store if they can
book-match your materials will also benefit your project but won’t take away from
it if you can’t, either.