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Keeping a tab with the latest trends of home decor can get extremely tough. Why not elect out of shopping the latest and mightiest trends, and choose the timeless home decor styles over the fleeting crazes? Here we have 9 home no time bound decor ideas that will preserve your style and keep it fresh for many more years to come. Read on to know exactly what they are –

1. Be Minimalistic

Irrespective of what the trends suggest, few are always going to be more. The fewer you have stacked on your tables and shelves, the nicer your house would look and the lesser you will need to clean! Same rule goes for layout of every room. Hold on to the furniture, which is proportional to the room to make the space look less crowded.

2. Add a dab of color

Color trends change with every passing year and season, but a room always requires a splash of color to pop out. Instead of putting money in orange couch and coloring the dining room blue, choose room accessories like colorful vases, throw pillows, or even some art in bold vibrant shades. Accessories are much easier to change every season or coming year.

3. Invest in functional furniture

Irrespective of how chic that designer chair with two bucket seats looks in magazines; do not invest in anything which you cannot place yourself comfortably. The similar rule of thumb goes for the glass table tops, there is a lot of potential of breakage and or other furniture like shelves that look good but have no space. Buy only those home decor materials that are intended to be used and not only for admiration from afar.

4. Never compromise on comfort

Exactly like functionality, comfort is an inevitable factor while buying the furniture. It is opposite of timeless if you need to keep replacing your couch for, you can just never be relaxed about it. Invest in something, which looks and feels good.

5.When in doubt, go for quality

Just for you have multiple shelves doesn’t mean that they all have to be covered with items, and only cause you have walls in your house, it does not necessarily mean that every square feet need be full of paintings or photos. Choose all the accessories and art wisely: Buy high quality and unique items less often, other than over-purchasing only for the need of having something on the shelves and walls.

6. Nothing’s better than Natural lights

If you have to purchase window coverings, opt for window treatments, which lets in maximum light. For the room where the natural light is minimal, buy high-quality lights that will give your room a natural appearing glow.

7. Invest in something that will stand in the test of time

In home decor, it is better to buy something, which will be strong in the test of time other than getting something trendy but poorly manufactured. As you will always find yourself spending the same amount of various low-priced and low-quality goods against the one well-made item. So again, buy wisely.

8. Add warmth to your home

Color shades like plum, caramel, and ochre are all considered timeless as they give a warm note to the space. Paint a room in some warm tone and your house will look cozy and chic, irrespective of what the trends suggest. Do not restrict yourself with the wall, include the warm colors on counter tops and accessories too.

9. Work up that storage space

An organized house looks the best house irrespective of what the trend suggests. Having a smart yet chic storage unit is always in style and ensures that your house is in order at all times. The options are huge from wrought iron holders to some classic bookshelves; you can make storage an integral part of design aesthetic. Even if you do not have a storage unit, you can make the most of whatever space you have by following these tips.

Not every part of your house should fall in the ‘timeless’ segment. Adopting the latest trends will only keep your decor fun and fresh. In order to have your cake and eat it too, opt for items, which can be exchanged later. Display the latest fabric on your throw pillows, highlight the most vibrant color palette on an accent wall.

As the trends change, you can update these accessories without going for a full makeover.

Tripti Rai, a keen observer who writes for 99acres.com and swears on fiction readings. Professionally working with a concentrated focus on real estate sector, she keeps her readers informed about latest developments in real time through her writing. When found not writing or reading, she is busy thinking about the next book or writing inspiration. You can find herd her on G+ and LinkedIn.