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One of the most essential and vital systems for any households is a good functional plumbing system. This means that water inlet and waste outlet systems should be in peak performance all the time. In some cases, however, it is possible to experience faults in the systems, faults that are common in most households. Different faults affect the household plumbing system in different ways. For instance, it is common for faults to cause leakages that cause a complete malfunction of the system. However, you might have faults that only deteriorate the efficiency of the system. These are harder to detect. Luckily, you can tell when your system needs a good plumbing company for maintenance or repair. This article contains detailed information on the signs that will help you identify when your plumbing system needs a plumber.

1. Gurgling sounds

When you either hear any gurgling sounds from your toilet or sink drainage, you should think about calling a plumbing company immediately. Gurgling sounds from the system have a simple explanation according to professionals. The system tries to find air, which is available from the outside of the system. This means that the system is likely to fail any time. The initial step of failure might include a backup in the house.

2. Dripping water

Some house owners might hear sounds of water dripping down the drainage pipes and ignore it because, after all, there is not sign of water dripping inside the house. However, as most professional plumbers will explain, the dripping water in the pipes represents a leak in the system. There are several ways to confirm your suspicions. The water from the leak falls at a certain point. This is mostly the ceiling since the water inlet is responsible for this case. You need to check for any spots on your ceiling that might actually have a color change.

Check the water meter when not pipes is open in the house. If the meter is counting, water is flowing in, which should confirm that a leak is possible. Call a plumber immediately when you find this out.

3. A stink

Stinky smells are hard to ignore. Stinky smells in your house might be from the drainage system in your house. The simple explanation behind this is that waste supposed to drain down the pipes clogs at some point. As it continues to clog, the smell grows and the water goes down the pipes slower.

It is possible that one drainage is responsible, for instance, the kitchen sink drainage. However, it is possible for all drainage systems to experience this problem. When one system experiences it, it is a simple clog in one pipe. When it is more, however, you might be dealing with a larger problem. Constant cleaning services for your drainage are important.

4. Pressure reduced

When your water system has no problems, the water has a certain pressure when you open any tap in the house. As you continue to use the water systems, you might discover a reduction in the pressure with which the water comes. In this case, the pressure is lost at some point in the drainage system, probably due to a significant leak in the system. The best action to take is hire a plumbing company capable of a full analysis of the system.

5. Dirty water

Water should be clear; crystal clear. When this is not the case, the water gets the dirt from some point in the drainage system. This is possible due to a leakage that allows dirt in the water. In other cases, it is possible that the pipes have rust or reaction to other elements in the water. The water then carries these products, hence the dirt. You should ensure that you call a plumber for a detailed analysis of the plumbing system and possible repair.

6. Damage by water

Different leaks in the systems cause different damages. For instance, you might experience water sipping through your floor or dripping from your ceiling. When the leak is above your ceiling, you might note a spot that keeps growing and changing in color, mostly to brown. In other cases, you might experience mold that grows in certain parts of the house. Mold’s major quality is the ability to grow in areas with constant wetness, in this case, from the leak. These two indicate the leakage of water from the pipes.


Water plumbing systems have two major sections, the inlet that brings water to the house and the outlet that drains all waste to the waste systems to which the system is connected. The different signs will easily explain whether the problems are in the inlet or outlet systems. You should take immediate action when you experience any of the above because delays only make the damage worse.