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Tired of the
same look your bedroom sports every time you come home from work? It’s probably
time for remodeling. For many people with busy schedules, remodeling means top
to bottom changes and renovations, getting help from professional decorators,
frantic calls to family and friends for tips and suggestions. However, planning
and executing a bedroom makeover does not have to be so stressing and complicated!
In fact, you will find that simple changes and variations will give your room
that fresh, new look you crave!
Add Rugs


Rugs can
spruce up any room! By adding a colorful rug or one that follows the theme, to
your bedroom floor, you can bring that spark of style, comfort and elegance
that your room needs. Buy one that’s compatible with your floor type and can be
easily tucked under your bed or other pieces of furniture.
Work The Paint
Sometimes a
simple touchup to your wall paint can revamp the entire room. Paint gets
chipped over time, and the dust and heat incoming through windows can give a
dull and gloomy look to the walls. Select a color palette that reflects your
personality and your room décor, and go on a painting spree! Soft colors like
beige and lavender bring about a soothing effect, while bright shades like reds
and blues can perk up the room.
your bedroom is a fun and creative project that you can easily get done with over
the weekend. To further reduce time, paint one wall in a different color. This
provides a color block and is surely the trendy thing to do!
Make Use Of Unused
Your room is
likely to have at least a few empty spaces that you are not using. Do not let
these spaces go to waste! By touching up unused spaces, you can give your
bedroom a fuller and cozier look. Adorn these areas with some colorful wall
hangings, wind chimes, inexpensive boxes, candles or decorative bottles. Adding
a bright colored ottoman can also bring much-needed change to your room.
Go Green


Green is a
very uplifting and cool color that brings comfort and freshness to any room.
Liven up your bedroom with some bright green indoor plants. Not only will this
uplift the spirit of your room, but it will also create a healthier and fresher
atmosphere around you.
Remodel The Shelving
You may not
be aware of this, but the knickknacks displayed on your bookshelves and
tabletops have a major effect on the overall style of your room. Often, we pay
little to no attention to these items and they lie untouched on counters for
ages. However, a little rearranging can work wonders in remodeling your room
and giving it a newer and tidier look. Make small changes in the layout of your
books, decorations and other items, and you will see what a difference it will
bring to your bedroom’s overall look.
All the
above changes go a long way in giving a versatile and improved look to your
bedroom. Best of all, they require only a little effort and commitment on your
part. So if you are in the mood for remodeling your bedroom, give these simple
tricks a try and see how much of a difference they make!