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A coat of fresh paint in house will make it look more beautiful, appealing, enhance the fun of living, and valuable. Since it is your living room any guest or visitor has initial access to, keeping it updated and making it look beautiful is extremely essential.

Most buyers prefer repainting house in their favorite color. Some also look for neutral colors so that they can be repainted on easily! The first step to follow is application of primer prior to starting with painting session. Thereafter, you need to paint test area to know about the choice you have made.
Here are 5 crucial points to help you make a wise choice of color to compliment your living room:
1. Consider the Present Decor Style and Color
This is very important. You must take into account the color and style of living room decor running at present. For instance, it is good to consider flooring, furniture, curtains, etc. You need to choose a color that best suits your overall living room decor. In case, you are not interested in changing the entire decor collection, focus on choosing a color that precisely matches the decor of your room.
2. It’s All About Choosing the Right Color!
A room can be instantly transformed into a dark dingy uncomfortable stifling space with wrong choice of color. On the other hand, choosing wisely will help you reflect a lot of light and make you feel optimistic, energetic, and lively. Additionally, themes also play a crucial role. These can be specific as per your choice or anything general. Let’s assume you are looking for a living room reflecting a lot of elegance and opulence. In this case, you may choose shades of maroon, deep red, or brown. In contrast, if a large airy and lively space is your idea of a living room, then go for colors like light green, blue, lime yellow, off-white, white, pastel shades of peach, pink, etc.
3. Size Matters!
Yes, size does matter. Choosing the wrong color for the size of your room can spoil everything. For instance, bold colors can make a room look relatively smaller and compact than its actual size. So if your room is small, strictly avoid choosing bold colors. Pastel and lighter shades will give an illusion of larger space. If you have a large living, then you need to try and experiment with dual colors or even three different colors on different walls to impart a dramatic look.
4. The World Wide Web
Once you have taken into account all of the crucial aspects requisite prior to actually changing the color of your living room, it is time for you to browse through the internet. Make sure you look for what is new in the market and some of the happening elements introduced in the field of interior designing. You may want to fit some of those in your living room to make it look better and stylish.
5. Research is the Key!
A little effort from your side can really help. In fact, the best way to go through a wide range of paint colors is to visit different home improvement stores. Yes, more number of stores you visit, more number of colors you will get to see. Different paint stores and supplier of PVC flooring dealing in different brands have varied shades of blue, red etc. You must try and assess them all prior to deciding them on one.
Once you get the paint color you have been looking for, simply focus on making the entire experience of coloring your living room fun and memorable for a lifetime!