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Garage doors are often overlooked
when it comes to home maintenance, which is why many homeowners spend a
significant amount of money having them repaired just a few years after
installation. Since garage doors typically have mechanical or electrical
components, regular everyday use will lead to breakdowns. However, if the doorsare maintained properly, it can be years before they manifest any problems.
Performing the following maintenance tips at least once a year may save you a
good amount of money over the long term.

Perform regular inspections

It doesn’t take much time to walk
around and check your garage doors for rust build-up or loose nuts and bolts.
By performingregular inspections, you’ll be able to find areas of concern before they
become major problems.

Lubricate moving parts

Hinges, rollers, tracks, and
other moving parts need to be well lubricated for them to function properly.
Penetrating solvents or other manufacturer-recommended lubricants should
prevent the parts from locking up and suffering from, or causing major damage.
In the event that you’ve
neglected to maintain your garage doors for some time, some parts may begin to
stick because of dust and rust. If this is the case, spread a small amount of
kerosene on the rusted part, using a small brush. Then, use steel wool or
sandpaper to rub off the rust. You may then apply a lubricant for it to
function normally once again.
You should also check the door
itself and the sidings for any signs of rust. Remove the rust and touch up the
paint if necessary.

Replace weatherstripping as needed


Some garage doors have
weatherstripping on the sides and bottom. Check to see if the weatherstripping
still fits properly, and replace if there’s any damage.

Apply a new coat of paint

If the paint has faded or chipped
in some areas, then it’s time to apply a fresh coat of paint.  Before doing so, however, make sure to wash
down the doors with detergent to remove any oils that may affect the new paint.
If there’s any rust, make sure that you remove the rust first prior to

Repair small dents

If you find small dents on the
door panels, these can be easily repaired. You’ll need a hammer, a piece of
cloth, and piece of hardboard. You’ll also need another person to help you.
Place the cloth on the inside portion of the dent, and have someone press the
hardboard on the other side. Hammer out the dent, but make sure not to use
excessive force; small blows should be enough to remove the dent.

Call a professional for major repair work


It’s best to call in a
professional for major repair work, especially on electrical components. Broken
mechanical components should also be repaired or replaced by a professional.
Attempting to repair components on your own may result in damaging other parts,
which can make it more costly to repair. The services of a qualified technician
will cost you money, but you can rest assured that the job will be done
About the Author
Jeff Varney lives in Cleveland and started working in the
family business Automatic Garage Door Company full-time in 2004. Jeff
is an expert in residential garage door installation, service and sales, and
also manages the company’s advertising and marketing efforts. In his free time,
he serves as a high school and youth wrestling coach at North Royalton.