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If your kitchen looks a bit worn out, you do not have to spend a lot of money just to give it a fresh look. It just takes a little time, effort and imagination to revitalize the heart of your house. There’s so much you can do with just a little creativity.

Here are some more brilliant ideas to transform your scheme.

Paint your cabinets

Painting the cabinets in the kitchen is one of the most inexpensive and effortless ways to have a new look. It’s easier to give your kitchen a fresh look by selecting from the latest colors available.

Improve your kitchen floor

If your present kitchen floor is turning down the design, then there’s no need to go to the trouble of taking it all up because you can place a new flooring on top. The majority of kitchen designers will recommend that you can just run it below the plinths, an alternative wall-to-wall scheme, which will lessen your costs eventually.

Place new worktops

Dramatically modify the look of your kitchen by changing your existing worktops. If you have extra money, consider some additions, like heat rods that will fit into the surface for a built-in draining board or a permanent pan stand.

Update kitchen storage 

Try setting some time to sort out the cupboards in your kitchen, then organize them so that you know where to find the things you use every day. Cleaning your worktops can also immediately enhance your kitchen, and it will not cost you anything at all. On the other hand, you can pull-out drawers in a cupboard to make every extra inch of space usable.

Modify your cabinet doors and handles

If the primary structure of your kitchen is in exceptional condition, you can alter the look of it just by simply changing the cabinet handles and doors. You could also try to mix and match the look by changing the base cupboard doors or walls of your existing kitchen. Glossy white doors and handles will give you a contemporary impression, while low-cost wooden doors can give a country feel to the room.

Build a feature wall

Wallpaper is an excellent way to add color and life to an old kitchen. You can try covering the whole wall, or design a feature wall for an affordable but equally astonishing look. Ensure you pick a wallpaper that is mainly intended for the kitchen that is heat and steam resistant.

Install additional lighting

Preferably, you should have task lights, such as halogen bulbs on the extractor, spotlights over the worktops,  and overhead lighting with ambient light in the dining table area.

Revitalize the sink

Sinks add recognizable character to a kitchen, and you can transform the feel of yours in an instant just by incorporating a stainless steel design for a modern feel, a white butler sink for a country feel, or a copper one to make a cool design. Think about how you utilize your sink. You might consider changing it with a large double bowl or a combined drainer that can be more functional if you do not have a dishwasher.

Purchase new appliances

Getting new appliances can reinvigorate your kitchen without changing any existing furniture. You will just need to make sure that they’ll fit into the existing area. You can replace detached appliances more easily. Also, think about upgrading to economic models to save on electricity.


If you realize that your kitchen starts to look a little worn out, then it might be time for a refresh. Kitchens are quite often a place to cook, eat, and the hub of the home that’s why it’s necessary to keep this room looking comfortable, tidy, and up-to-date. It does not have to cost a lot of cash just to update a kitchen, and there are a lot of areas for improvements that have an enormous impact on a small budget.

Zachary McGavin is an interior designer and a writer. He always browses the internet to obtain fresh ideas about home improvement, structural designs and furniture, like Focus On Furniture. On his free time, Leslie writes for various blogs especially about dream houses, furniture, and designs.