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The kitchen is the spine of every home. No matter if you live alone or you have family, the kitchen is the place where you eat or prepare food, which is, furthermore, the basis of your everyday functioning. Since the kitchen has earned the title of being the spine, or the core of a home, many things can be done in that same kitchen to make become even more practical, useful and nicely decorated.

When it comes to kitchens, we always first think about food. As the place where food is prepared and sometimes consumed, it should have the appliances that are inevitable when it comes to food processing, preparation and storage. These are, without any doubt, the cooker and the fridge. All other appliances are optional, but these two are a must-have for each and every kitchen.

Think about your sink

Apart from the cooker and the fridge, some other features of the kitchen are similarly necessary and important for a functional and modern kitchen. The first of them is the sink. The sink is the place which is most often used for cleaning and washing the dishes after meals. Because of that, the sink needs to be made of most durable material and it has to be looked after, as well. Throwing things into the sink or cleaning it with too strong chemicals might ruin the surface of the sink. On the basis of your dish-maintaining habits, you can opt for one of thre most popular sink types, in terms of material. Still, the most widespread and affordable are sinks made of stainless steel.

After stainless steel sinks come cast-iron sinks. They are still affordable, but they are also easily chipped, so be careful with them. More people decide to install them into bathroom, so that the risk of damaging or chipping them is decreased. Also, those who want to add a 21st century touch to their kitchens usually choose composite sinks. These sinks are usually made of a mixture of materials, the most popular being the acrylic-polyester combination. However, these sinks do not last that long and they should be an option only if your sink is not used very often.

Let the faucet last

The fourth main thing in a kitchen that is meant to be practical and durable is the fuacet. Faucets come in many shapes and materials. However, professional plumbers warn buyers that the best option when i comes to faucets is a single-leverage faucet and not the ones with separated handles. Also, when it comes to faucets, it is very important to choose the right material for your needs.

When talking about the faucet disc valve, plumbers recommend the ceramic valve. In combination with the brass or chrome base materials, they make a perfect couple that will last very long and will not leak. Although brass is quite popular, chrome is a very useful material and you should think over a couple of times to see what suits your needs. Also, consulting with a local plumber is another option in the faucet buying process.