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Summer is always a great time to build up an immaculate lawn that is healthy, vibrant, and will ultimately increase your curb appeal. This is much easier said than done, though, as we all know how keeping a lush green lawn can sometimes be quite a challenge. Below are some of the best pro tips for when it comes to a greener lawn this summer.

Keep the Blades up High
When we think of a well-manicured lawn, often we picture short grass. While grass does need to be cut regularly for a lawn to look good, many experts will advise to keep the blades up high and to keep the grass stalks relatively tall. This promotes a healthy life for the grass and will stop the brown tips you get in mid-summer.

Keep an Eye on Water Levels
As a general rule of thumb, a good lawn will need about an inch of water on a weekly basis. This is easy in spring with all the rain, but can be harder the further into summer you get. Make sure to keep an eye on how much has rained and water the lawn with a hose when it needs it.

Test Your Soil’s Acidity
The pH levels of the soil in your lawn are very important when it comes to its overall health. The majority of home testing kits from hardware stores will suffice. If you have a high pH amount, you can help bring it down with iron sulfate or even sulfur. Lower pH levels can be raised with things such as peat moss which you can get at places like Central Farm and Garden online stores. You want a balance of around 6.5.

Make sure you’re fertilizing your soil. Grab a slow releasing organic fertilizer and cover your lawn with it. There is a technique to fertilizing: start slowly around the edges and work your way towards the center.

Grass seeds are a fantastic way to cover up those bald patches. They’re also a great way to produce a thicker lawn that is much healthier. Just make sure they’re spread evenly.

Proper Weeding
Things like dandelions can be a nuisance for anyone wanting to keep their lawn in good shape. These weeds will come back each and every year if you don’t have a way to stop them. The only way to truly get rid of them is by digging down and taking out their roots. Some weed killers can do the job more permanently as well.

With these tips, anyone can enjoy having a nice health, lush, and vibrantly green lawn this summer. Just make sure to keep up with it and you’ll notice an improvement in your lawn in no time.