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As families get larger and room inside the
home comes at a premium it always pays to make the most of all available space.
But many people seem to forget that their garage can be a very useful part of
the house. Functioning either as a storage space, a living area or a parking
bay, a good garage can really improve your home. So here are six ways to
upgrade your garage.

Use the space effectively
You don’t want your garage to become a
wasted space. The truth is that despite what they are designed for, most
garages aren’t actually used to store a car. With an increasing lackof parking
spaces on the road you might find that it pays to take your garage back to its
original purpose.
If you don’t need to store your car here
(or you don’t have a car) it’s still worthwhile to rethink the way you use it.
This is a large space that shouldn’t be ignored or neglected. Turn a car-less
garage into a tool shed or a chill out room – there are endless possibilities,
so don’t fall into the trap of leaving your garage unloved.
Refurbish the inside
Whether you’re using your garage as an
off-road parking space, a storage area of a living space, it is always worth
improving the interior. Think about how your garage is going to be used and
then re-design accordingly. Set out new flooring and repaint the walls to give
it a fresh feel, and don’t forget to install better lighting so it doesn’t feel
dreary or dark.
New doors
It’s amazing how often you’ll see a
beautiful house with a rickety old garage door – so many people don’t make the
same effort with their garage as they would with the rest of their home.
Investing in a new garage door is a smart move in the longer term too; improve
the outside of your garage and you’ll not only make it more visually appearing
but you’ll add value to your home. There are a huge range of options available
ranging from grand wooden doors to modern steel rollers.
Many of us are guilty of turning our garage
into a kind of dumping ground. If you run out of space in the house or just
need somewhere to store something in the medium to long term, it’s probably
going to find a place in the garage. There’s no problem doing this, except that
over time things can build up. The last thing you want is a fantastic space filled
up with junk that is never going to see the light of day again. So spend a
weekend removing the clutter from your garage and use the space properly.
Add storage space
One great way to get more out of your
garage is to add as much storage space as possible. Instead of thinking of the
garage as just a place to put things you don’t need it can instead become a
versatile way to make your home feel larger. Aside from standard shelving you
can feel free to get creative with your storage solutions. Whether it’s a rack
for your gardening tools, a foldout workbench or ceiling storage, there’s a
huge range of options to choose from to turn your garage into a vital part of
your home.
Extend it!
The problem that many homeowners face with
regards to their garage is that it is not big enough to fulfil a useful
function. This could be because your family car is too large to fit in
comfortably or simply it is not the right size you need it to be. But rather
than ignoring the problem and using the garage as a junk space, you should
consider extending it. Making your garage larger will encourage you to use it

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