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There is a lot Changes in our lifestyle from the past few decades has changed everything right from eating habits to sleeping patterns. Improper sleep is slowly leading to an unavoidable disorder in present scenario. Problems like sleep apnea, insomnia and sleep disorder are increasing. In context with this, many products or companies try hard to convince people so that they can bank upon them for good mattresses and pillows. People today possess a fair earning and a spending capacity. All they look for is comfort in lieu of money and desire perfect products and services. Pillows, bolsters and cushions are an inseparable part of any sleeping zone.

These days, because of problems like spondylitis, back pain, neck pain mattress companies are launching products according to customer’s demands. There are different kinds of pillows available in the market like full body pillows, neck pillows, foam pillows, contour pillows, feather pillows, buckwheat pillows, latex pillows, water pillows, microbeads pillows, fiber and cotton pillows. They are bought according to the need and preference of the people. Here I am mentioning about ‘cool pillow’. Let’s have a detailed cooling pillow review. Cooling pillow has come as a boon in the sultry hot weather this pillow is made up of layers of gel that gives a cool feeling. Popularly known as ‘chillow’ it is a memory foam pillow that folds according to the head muscles and adjusts the way one wants to relax the head. The gel layers give a cool and refreshing feeling and leaves rejuvenated. The memory foam is built on water cool technology and refrains from developing the heat that arises while using other pillows resulting in a sweaty head. The reason behind the cool effect is the ability to absorb heat while circulating water continuously on feel, mere touch or a little pressure.

The gel layers in this memory foam pillow is covered with a special mesh of spandex acting as a cover and allows protection and breathability. It is being considered as the best pillows for the night sweat. However, every product has its problems and consequences. Cooling pillows do get hot after sometime because of the body temperature but that also starts happening after a certain time span. If excessive heat or night sweating is the issue there are pillowcase liners and cases that are available and help in lowering the heat. Due to excessive heat and sweat, odor can also be a problem so in that case also pillowcase liners are a solution.

Demand for such pillows have increased within the last few years because of the rising awareness and consciousness amongst people for their health. Many have suggested that alongwith using the chillows one must try to sleep in a proper ventilated room to allow free air flow. A cooling pillow maintains a room temperature which is cool and not cold as body enjoys a cool temperature but cold is uncomfortable.

How to use: Fill the chillow with tap water to get it activated. Once the water gets fully absorbed into the foam core pillow is ready to relax you from the hot flushes. Make sure the valve is closed properly and downwards while placing the pillow. Chillow also helps in soothing out during headaches because of the soft and cool sensation.

In the present hectic lifestyle, there is no point compromising with one’s health. Good products and services go a long way so benefits should be availed.