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TIPS – What to do when you cannot afford an interior designer? Here are 8 affordable ways to call in experts … or become an expert yourself!

Use an interior designer, a luxury reserved for an elite? The fees, calculated from the amount of work, are in any case a break for many.

Solicit experts or learn how to do it yourself: here are 8 inexpensive tracks to find the right planning ideas, whether you want to optimize your space, cut down walls or reorganize a room.

Ask around

The first resources are free … and at your fingertips!

  • Ask your loved ones

Wondering how to make the most of the space under your stairs? Your great aunt, who must have been cunning to pack all her knick-knacks at her house, may have the solution!

Relatives are the first people to ask when embarking on a development or DIY project.

  • Ask the sellers

The second source of inspiration, according to the same study: 46% of the French address the sellers of DIY stores. Their advice is not limited to the right tools! They inform and accompany many customers on their projects, and they also share their feedback. What to glean tips tested and approved.

  • Find inspiration on the internet

Finally, 38% of US people use specialized internet forums as a source of information. 

A competition of architects on the internet

“Am I going to pay the right price? How can I be sure that I will like it? ”Faced with these questions, which we ask ourselves before hiring an interior designer, Minneapolis remodelerhoney-doers proposes … put the architects in competition.

Customers do not choose one, but three professionals on the internet platform. Each of them delivers his own vision of the project. Customers then rank the responses received in order of preference.

“It is estimated that 60 to 70% of individuals then ask the winner to monitor the site,” says Aude Mounier, project manager for the Paris start-up. Those who do not have the budget, or are very handy, can do the work themselves by relying on the ideas and plans of the three architects.

“The winning architect wins 70% of the money spent on the participants’ remuneration and the other two participants receive 15% each “, explains Aude Mounier.

Take classes in interior architecture

What if you learn the basics of interior design from professionals?

  • From interior designers

Some interior designers also offer discovery sessions. After the theory, participants can ask their questions, to “rearrange and enhance their interior”. The goal: to have the keys to realize oneself.

  • In a school of decoration

Find the thread that will tell the story of the place, decipher the new trends, make a plan, plan the stages of the project … Theory and practice are balanced for a very comprehensive program.

Free 3D layout applications

Want to get started alone, but with professional tools? There are applications to see the rendering of a piece in 3D. No more need to break your head to calculate the distances needed for your kitchen island and the fridge door. Neither do you need to be an expert in electrical safety standards to know where to install your fixtures in the bathroom?

Casto 3D for example, which is used on his computer, is specialized in the development of kitchens, bathrooms, and storage. She can draw her plans, change the walls and the floor, and choose her furniture from a selection. It also offers the ideal location for your kitchen island does not knock on the refrigerator door.