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You’ve already checked out tons of photos on Pinterest looking for the best ideas for your small, but cosy living room. There are numerous absolutely charming, almost miniature living rooms which appear to be perfect, but at the same time so hard to copy. Don’t worry. We’re going to decipher what exactly appeals to you while you look at the neat interior. There are some simple tricks which will make your living room worthy of taking a picture and uploading it online.

Floating furniture

That means that, despite all the odds, you should move your furniture away from the wall. For example, your sofa should be a few inches away if you wish to create an illusion of an open space, instead of a smaller, more limited one.

Of course, the sofa doesn’t just have to be a sofa, but a sofa and bed at the same time. Dual furniture will be the answer to lots of your dilemmas, and sofa bed is just a starting point. Study a proper sofa bed buying guide before getting one, and make sure its legs are raised a bit. This will show off some of the floor, and visually expand the room.

Buy a big rug

Usually, when you picture a small living room, everything is nice and small in it. Well, that’s exactly the effect you get with lots of small pieces, and it’s certainly not the point of this text. Spreading a small rug on the floor will only add to the feeling of minimal space, so feel free to spend your money on one which will go all the way to the ends of your sofa and chairs (but not all the way to the wall). Practice has shown it tricks the eye into believing there are more square meters to it.

A small coffee table

On the other hand, if you’ve envisioned a small coffee table, you were absolutely right. A round table, perhaps even two, is just right for the centre of the room. Should you get one made of glass, the transparency definitely aids the overall feeling. Also, you have the freedom to experiment with such rooms. Your ottoman can easily be transformed into a table – just put a tray with coffees and biscuits on top of it.

True colours

When it comes to colours, the opinions are divided. Some would say white is the best and most obvious choice, whereas others disagree and vouch for a wall in a striking, dark colour to actually enlarge the room. Basically, you can decide to have light colours, but feel free to throw in some accent points here and there (even if it were a whole wall in different colour, if that’s what suits your character). This will introduce some versatility into the living room and make you focus on several different pieces, immediately sparking interest and making your guests forget to focus on the limited space.

Mirror panel

An oldie, but a goldie. Mirrors do wonders for small areas, as you’ve witnessed so many times, but never paid it much attention. Until now. Find the most suitable wall, and get down to finding the perfect mirror to match the style of the living room.

Different lights, different heights

This would sum it up nicely. As we have already mentioned, the trick in manipulating the sense of spaciousness is to have several objects a visitor would focus on. This can be done with different lamps, positioned at certain strategic points. Indeed, a small room is supposed to have good lightning, and if you have several lights around, it certainly adds to the charm. But be careful with lamp, you don’t want to over do it. Too many can clutter your room so keep it simple. You will get a lot more space if you clean up all the things that are unnecessary.

Floating desk

In a small living room there’s hardly any space for a coffee table, let alone a proper desk. This is easily solved by installing a desk which is mounted on a wall. If you put a lamp and books on it, it’s a cute shelf. If you place your laptop there, you’ve got yourself a home office desk. Moreover, you can add some wall mounted shelves above it.

Another reason why a floating desk, or the mounted shelves, is just perfect for your room is due to the fact that it keeps the floor visible, which is exactly what you wish to achieve as much as possible.

Big chairs

Finally, don’t be too intimidated to introduce an armchair to the room, even though it’s not tiny or resembling a bar chair, which is usually recommended. You must have a piece or two to break the monotony of smaller items; otherwise, your room will look cluttered with all the small details.

This should be enough material for you to start working on redecorating the living space. As you can see, you can make it so impressive that no one will think of its size upon entering.