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these times of skyrocketing real estate prices, it’s no longer just students
that are herded into cramped, urban condos or apartments. In cities like Toronto, New
York, Vancouver, and London
, where even the smallest of spaces can cost a fortune
per square foot, more and more people that lack the room to decorate with
whimsy are considering how to maximize their space, while still desiring and
having the accoutrements they love best.

How to Make Your Tiny Home Huge

living walking distance from your favourite restaurants, grocers and shops is
an allure of living within these metropolitan hubs, it’s obvious such a luxury
can come at a sacrifice; the sacrifice being space. But that doesn’t mean you
can’t love the space you call home; even if it means that antique armoire you
spotted furniture shopping might not ever make it into your home, or into your
lives. Here are some easy ways to love the home you have, and make it work
beyond its square footage.

Think Through a Concept Before You
you begin to maximize your space, in fact, before you even decide on a place, it helps to choose a décor style that works well
in the allotted square footage — and a décor style that you like. Though it
may be easy for young professionals, new families, and students to just pull
unused relics from mom and dad to furnish their new dwelling, doing the opposite will mean a
chance to form your own home identity, as well as establish how much you need,
versus how much you can fit to near capacity.
Mid-Century Contemporary & How It
selecting a style for small spaces, mid-century contemporary is a great way to
go. Not only is the style itself experiencing a resurgence in popularity
(mid-century contemporary draws inspiration from one of the dominant styles ranging
from the 1940’s to the 1970’s), there are two additional elements that make
this style an ideal choice for small spaces.
first is that when it comes to furnishings, mid-century contemporary embodies
simple, clean, and functional designs. Not to be confused with boring,
mid-century contemporary furniture often features elegant, whimsical shapes and
patterns that can become conversation starters in and of themselves.
the emphasis on minimalism means that less truly is more, with the striking
pieces telling the story of the room. This means no fear of having a lot. You
can pick and choose pieces that are your own. The second reason this style
meshes so admirably with small spaces is that the style itself is based off the
idea of functionality and the avoidance of clutter and over-embellishments; two
things tightly packed urban dwellers should steer clear of at all costs.
Ultimately, mid-century contemporary addresses the importance of space, while
still remaining chic and stylish.

For Those Who Seek Function
past a specific style, there are plenty of tips for maximizing your space
without having to redecorate entirely. This can include:
●     Making use of your walls. Whether it’s above your desk or in
the kitchen, maximizing wall space for storage can really help to make the most
out of your limited space. Shelving or a simple wire grid is a great way to
start, but don’t be afraid to get creative. Great shelving means a great
opportunity to curate your space the way you like it.

●     Avoid harsh artificial lighting. Where possible, try to maximize the
amount of natural light that you let into your space. Also, make use of
strategically placed mirrors in order to give the illusion of infinite space.
If adventurous, change some of your fixtures for less white light from a
typical 100W lightbulb and more softer options, such as a Edison bulbs, or
installing a dimmer switch.

●     Choose the right colour paletteand make use of textures and
Leaving your walls white and furnishing your space with a random assortment of
furnishings and accessories won’t do much to enhance the size of the space.
Instead, do your homework and select complimentary tones, then use them
effectively throughout your space. Think of a colour story to make guests
forget the space is small, and feel that the space is inviting. Again, don’t be
afraid to  throw in some eye-catching

●     Choose pieces that allow air to pass under them. When choosing a sofa,
bed frame, coffee table or end tables, select ones that ‘allow air’ to pass
under them. This means pieces that don’t hit too low to the ground, and
allowing light and space to pass under it. This creates a sense of space by not
blocking natural light and gives the illusion that the space is not as full. A
great tip if you’re just moving in and want your space to be spacious from the
course, while you’re thinking of ways to decorate, and new pieces to add to
your space, you might be tempted to shop at a certain Scandinavian big box
furniture retailer; but it’s important to know that you’ve got options when
seeking out furniture
solutions. Not that bigger homes have any excuse, but when
in smaller dwellings, you must ensure you’re investing in some great, unique,
and overall solid investment pieces to bring your space beyond just the status
markets can lead to great finds of authentic mid-century contemporary
furniture. Fortunately, many online retailers also have a myriad of possibilities,
all with measurements, dimensions and product pictures so you can ensure it not
only fits your concept, but also your literal home.

are you waiting for to make your tiny house into a tiny home? A place you can call your own, no matter its size, is only a
few great pieces away, and it all starts with you.