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When it comes to playtime, there is no such thing that can stop your children from finding an infinite number of ways to have fun, not even a tiny room. On the other hand, creating a perfectly organized room for kids to play in can become a nightmare task if you approach it from a purely grown-up perspective.

So before we dive into some tips on how you can make the most of your available space and create more room out of thin air, you need to step into your childhood shoes, break out of those serious adult ideas of interior design, and let some playful magic happen!

kid playroom 2

The colourful kingdom

While a typical grown-up home will make use of a more discrete, subtle colour palette, and think of stylish furniture, practical uses for flower pots and the arrangement of sofas and chairs, your children will prefer more vivid combinations with rainbows in mind. Don’t be limited by the idea of matching this room to the rest of the house; think of it as a separate world intended only for your children.

Brighter, plain colours of walls, such as white or beige, can be mixed with vibrant red, blue, green or yellow hues in every corner of the room. Keep in mind that the toys, furniture and storage are not there only to serve a purpose but also add to the lively spirit of the space with a splash of colour, so don’t be afraid to explore, mix and match! Moreover, printed wallpapers allow kids the freedom to draw on the walls, and you can put on new ones when they grow tired of the first pattern.

kid playroom 3

Wall storage

This is where thinking outside of the box really matters. Using reachable space on the wall to place various pins, shelves and hangers for toys, clothes and boxes with books will not just be a clever use of space, but a wonderful way to make the room extra colourful as well. Suddenly, a room of 10 square meters feels much more spacious and airy.

Make sure to use materials with rounded corners and no sharp edges, and soft, transparent bags to make it easier for kids to find their things. Of course, don’t forget to let them take part in arranging these items, because you might just end up surprised by their imaginative ideas about using the available space.

kid playroom 4

Clever furniture storage

Instead of stuffing their playroom with redundant closets that take up more space than they provide, build or shop for activity desks and chairs that double as storage. For example, a desk could have several drawers with dividers to help organize their drawing and colouring supplies, while added pockets and boxes on the side and underneath can serve as bookcases and storage for toys.

It’s best to use transparent pockets and boxes to make sure your kids can find what they need in a split second. Misplaced toys will be a thing of the past, and you will finally be able to save those countless hours once spent on searching for the lost t-rex. Chair cubes can be made hollow, so that you can use them as book shelves or for stacking their toys and Lego bricks. Once you start thinking in terms of multifunctional solutions, you’ll quickly come up with other ideas to make the most of your space.

kid playroom 5

Extra storage tips

Are your kids taking over the entire house with their toys? Clever parents across Australia have started taking advantage of available external storage units to keep old toys, extra clothes and excess items like board games and books away for the next generation. With various options for storage in Melbourne at your disposal, you can keep the unit on your property, in your backyard, safely tucked away in the attic, or you can choose to place your items in a well secured warehouse.

Either way, for parents with more than one kid, this is a simple, affordable way of preserving your children’s childhood memories and favourite toys without creating unnecessary clutter in your own home.

In all fairness, your entire house is one huge play area for your kids, so no matter how fun or well-organized their designated playroom is, they will end up dispersing their toys around the house whenever a spur of imagination takes over. Nevertheless, design their fun area in such a way that they will want to spend more time there and express their creativity without feeling restricted, and feel free to give in to the temptation of joining the fun!