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Water heating could be the second largest expense in your home. Depending on the number of people that live with you and how often everyone takes a hot shower or bath, that expense could also take up a good majority of your utility bills. Thankfully, you now have the option to go with a solar-powered heater as opposed to an electric heater.

But much like any system in your home, solar water heaters could sometimes fail. This is especially true when the system is old and/or the contractor you hired to install it didn’t do a proper job. Whether it’s a component failure or breakdown due to poor installation, your will need professional solar hot water system repairs. Gold Coast is home to many licensed professionals so it would be best to have a guide when picking contractors.

The first thing you will want to focus on, apart from the valid licence, is a qualified solar thermal systems specialist. A solar thermal systems specialist will know how to run a systems check and determine, efficiently, the specific problems that are causing your solar water heater to fail.

While some issues with certain systems may be visible and the problems recognised through a quick visual inspection, the licensed solar hot water system service — Gold Coast residents would want to know — provider would run a more thorough assessment to find out the root cause of the problem. This means looking at the ductwork, plumbing, and wiring connections for seals, leaks, and loose wiring. The distribution pumps may also be assessed; the heat transfer fluids checked; the flashing and sealant in the roof penetration examined; the storage systems may also be checked for corrosion, and a host of other components will be inspected.

The next thing you will want to look for is a solar water heater specialist that responds fast. If the contractor you called to repair, for instance, cracks in the collector glazing, takes a long while to get to your home, it indicates unreliability. You can’t afford to let problems with your solar water heater wait and then fester. Safety issues may be at play.

The last bit of consideration when hiring the right contractor to fix your solar water heater is to listen carefully to the solutions he offers. Ideally, you may want a cost-effective fix as opposed to a costly replacement of certain parts or the entire system. Experienced solar hot water system installers (Gold Coast area), who also do maintenance and repairs, will offer up the best solutions that not only improve your solar heater but also save you money in the long run.

About the author: Kenneth Lawrence is a passionate “Handyman” and a content creator. He writes articles about home renovation, kitchen improvement, home appliances, interior and exterior designing, and other related topics about homeowners.