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Solar Powered Motion Light - 700 Lumens LED: A Review in-Depth
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Sun is the best source of renewable energy. The technology has hence invented countless gadgets that can work with via solar energy. Following this trend, I recently got the 700 Lumens LED solar powered motion light from Deelat and installed it my veranda. The light initially was looking a bit money compromising, but with its use, many points emerged which is really appreciable and make it even more worth its price.

I received the light, white in color, enclosed in a complete secure package. It clearly shows the protection, the manufacturer has provided for safe and secure delivery of the product. Below is the details review of the solar light.

Assembling & Installation:  Well, the solar light is firstly light in weight, so you can easily install it where ever you find it comfortable. It is provided with two screw openings that are sufficient to hold the light onto the wall. Not being too lengthy and heavy in size, it is completely easy to mount it on the wall without the requirement of professional.

The assembly kit is provided within the package, no extra cost investment is required in this concern. I installed the light at a height of nine feet and it was capable of throwing the light on the floor. The

Functioning: As soon as I experience the light, I must say that the solar light is really amazing to use. It easily lightens the whole veranda. The light distribution is also amazing. The motion sensors are also amazing. It emits light once it detects a motion under its scope. The Lumens LED is highly powerful in lighting the area.

Build & Power Storage: It was mentioned that it gets charged in 7-8 hours under strong sunlight. I felt uninterrupted power supply with it since its installation. I observed it get fully charged after 8:15 hours, which is also satisfying numbers. After a full day charge, I switched it on for a whole night and it served well in dim light.

Security: The best part about this device is the security that it is serving. The LED emits the light that detects any sort of motion within the light and starts an alarm to update the home owner. I witnessed its authenticity after a cat enters the light without permission. The alarm sound is also soft that doesn’t annoy me at all.

The Verdict: The power that comes directly comes from the sun is highly important. The sunlight is even more beneficial when conserved into energy and lightens your home. All in all, solar powered motion light is a highly recommended light for your use. The details hence provided are totally up to the mark and is completely suitable for your home. The light is bright and intensity is high. From the security perspective, you should definitely buy this solar light. So, you can undoubtedly go with it.

You can buy this 700 Lumens LED solar powered motion light from the below-given link.


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