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So you’ve finally decided to start working from home and you’re doing everything to make your home office look elegant and stylish. Your profession demands sophistication, probably that’s how your clients judge you but the only thing that’s holding you back is the budget. Well who said you have to spend a bomb to get the home office interior design you always wished for? Read these simple yet smart tricks to create a sophisticated home office on a budget, thank me later.

1) Keep it simple

Both Leonardo da Vinci and I firmly believe that, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”Before you head to the market to flood your home office with stuff that looks appealing but isn’t functional, make a list and stick to it. This way you will save a lot of money and yet your home office will look elegant.

2) Go all white

White is such an under rated colour, isn’t it? It screams sophistication and still so often overlooked when it comes to commercial interior designing. Simply opt for white walls and furniture and you’re done! And guess what you can add some bright paintings or throw pillows to make it look interesting.Going monochrome is a great way to save money. 

3) Or go dark and neat

Believe it or not dark colours will make your visitors feel welcomed because they fill the room with warmth. My personal favourite is black and red however grey and marsala are currently in trend. Look for other dark and neat colour combinations to get that perfect look. If a friend just got his/her wall repainted and is left with some extra paint, why not use it and save some more?

4) Pay attention to the floor

You had nothing planned for the floor, did you? Or if you did chances are it was some expensive flooring or floor paper. Simply place a soft rug and increase the sophistication quotient by oodles. If you can’t find a rug a lavish old carpet from your Mom’s collection can also do wonders.

5) Embrace natural light

Let the natural light in especially if the room is small. It will not just make the space seem larger but it will accentuate the details of the room.Choose simple curtains in muslin or cotton instead of heavy and expensive drapes to keep costs low and create a room that is bright and cheerful.

6) Power of focal point

Well-designed homes and corporate office interiors will always have a focal point, it’s the first thing a person will set their eyes on as soon as they enter. It doesn’tjust say you’ve carefully designed your home office but will also take attention away from distracting things, if any.It does not have to be an expensive painting simply put your favourite quotes and done!

7) Hide the clutter

If you don’t clear your clutter the above tricks will just go down the drain. Assign a space to your stationary, files and other important documents. No, going wireless is not the solution, instead opt for cost effect wire holders or look for interesting DIYs to help keep the clutter at bay.

8) Scent

A nice scent adds charm to the otherwise boring space and makes visitors feel welcomed. You can keep changing the scents based on your mood and weather, however make sure it’s mild and soothing. A simple and cost effective way is to keep a fragrance emitting flower plant such as jasmine or orchid in the room.