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Buying, or even renting, your first studio flat is an exciting time and as soon as you move in you will want to make the space your own. Part of this process is decorating the apartment  to make them more personal to you, the next step is to fill your property with the essential furniture you need.  Of course, one thing you will always need to keep in mind is that living in a studio flat means you will have limited space, you will sleep, live and do pretty much everything in one room, with the exception of a bathroom.  To ensure you can fit everything you need and want into your studio flat you will need to apply some space saving ideas, fortunately we have ten here for you.
1. Use room dividers:  use curtains, pull-down screens or even your entertainment system, alternatively use some plywood to build a make-shift wall to separate your sleeping from your living space.  A good way of separating the kitchen from the rest of the room is by installing a window.

2. Use sliding doors:  by switching the bathroom and closet doors for sliding ones you create more space, you can place things closer to the door areas and utilise your space better, furthermore, you don’t have to worry about banging the doors every time you open them.

3. Use a chest instead of a coffee table: a chest will provide you extra storage space while still giving you a surface for your drink, to add to this a closed chest can not only store more, it also looks neater than an open coffee table filled with things underneath.

4. Place your bed against a wall: then you can simply add pillows along the wall and the bed can double-up as a sofa.

5. Buy a sofa bed: instead of having both a bed and a sofa, why not just buy a sofa bed, this will free up much more space in your flat while giving you somewhere comfortable to sleep and sit.

6. Use additional seating as storage: buy (or make) stools with a storage base facility on them.

7. Make use of the vertical space: buy ceiling hanging storage facilities such as a clothing or shoe rack, that allow you to use all the space available, and have room underneath to store stuff in too.

8. Use a fold-out, wall-mounted table: instead of buying a traditional dining table consider getting a foldable one, with foldable chairs. Mount the table to the wall so it can be tucked up and out the way whenever it is not being used.

9. Put your furniture on lockable wheels: this will let you move furniture about much easier to create extra space when you need it, for example, by placing your bed on lockable wheels you can bring it into the living area to create more seating when you have guests over.

10. Buy stackable furniture:  you can buy table and chairs that stack away neatly and compactly, or in such a way where they create something else useful, such as a sofa, this is a great space saving technique. 

If you are lucky enough to have a bedroom separate to your living space, you should consider reading up about ideas for small bedrooms and begin to think about what design best suits your tastes and needs.