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Spring is a fantastic time of year, the sun comes out, the
temperatures begin to rise and the birds start to sing. Springtime is all about
renewing your home – it’s time to come out of hibernation and give your bedroom
a whole new lease of life.
Springtime and redecorating come hand in hand, it’s surprising what
a lick of paint and a few decorations here and there can do. There are bundles
of spring inspired decor ideas out there for you to choose from perfect for
creating a wonderful springtime bedroom.
There really is no better time of year to give your bedroom a
completely fresh new makeover. If you’re looking to reinvent your bedroom this
spring look no further take a look at the following Spring Bedroom Ideas,
guaranteed to transform your bedroom into a beautiful spring equinox.
Fresh Wallpaper
Wallpaper is perfect for adding decoration to your bedroom,
especially if your walls are starting to look a little drab. There are a
variety of springtime designs that are sure to make your room look picture
perfect. For the perfect spring time design feel go for floral patterns, images
of nature such as animals and butterflies, anything that reminds your of
Wallpapering the whole room may be a bit of a challenge so maybe just
decorate one wall – this will still spruce up your bedroom but without the
added effort of having to empty everything out.
 Bring Flowers Indoors
Nothing says spring like the fresh smell of flowers, tulips,
pansies, daffodils, whatever your favourite, you simply must add flowers to
your room as the perfect finishing touch. You don’t need to be a florist to
arrange a seasonal bunch of flowers either, use old jars or grab a porcelain
jug from the kitchen if your short on vases.
Clip off any excess leaves and roughly arrange them so they don’t
look too neat – you want to give the effect that they’ve just been plucked from
the garden. Stick them on the windowsill so the light can reflect off the
petals, the sunlight will make the colours more vibrant.
Closet Clearout


This may seem pretty anal but if your going to redecorate then
clearing out your closet at the same time certainly makes sense right?