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There’s something about the first few beautiful spring days that make you want to clean and organize your home. So open up a few windows, let in the fresh spring air and use the beautiful weather as a reason to get organized! 

Outdoor Organization

If it’s a lovely day, start outside. Chances are, a long winter has left your home a bit messy on the outside. Bring a broom, a roll of paper towels and a bottle of Windex with you. Sweep your porch or entry, Windex your front door and its surrounding windows, and clear any cobwebs. Shake out welcome mats, look around the ground and pick up any trash, and rake the dead leaves from around your home’s entry. Cleaning up the outdoor entry to your home will help your guests (and you!) feel welcome.

 Your Home’s Entry

Start with the entry to your home. Get a big plastic container and label it “Winter” and store away snow boots, hats, mittens, scarves and other winter accessories. Vacuum around your front door, pick up shoes or other items and put away any clutter, including mail. Use Murphy’s Oil Soap wipes to wipe down your front steps, which also adds a clean scent to the air.

Kitchen and Bathrooms

You may not have time or energy to scrub down your kitchen and bathrooms, but a few small activities can give you a spring cleaning feeling that will make a difference. Empty trash cans, Windex the mirrors, and put new liquid soap dispensers in your bathroom. Clear away clutter from your kitchen countertops. Burning a new spring candle can make your home smell lovely, or spray Febreze in areas where pets or kids spend a lot of time! Do one small thing each day for a week that will make you feel a ‘spring cleaning’ difference in your home.

Seasonal Clothing

One thing that causes a lot of clutter in the home is keeping clothes around that you and your family members are not currently wearing. Give each person in the family an empty large plastic tub labeled with their name and “Winter Clothes” and get family members to pack up sweaters and other heavy warm clothing items including winter shoes and boots. Pack away the bins in the basement or attic for storage.

Bring in a Pro!

If you have extra money from a tax refund burning a hole in your pocket, it may be worth your while to consider bringing in the pros. Professional cleaning companies offer one-time spring cleaning whole-house packages, so even if you don’t usually hire a cleaning service, a spring cleaning spruce-up may be just what the doctor ordered to truly get your floors, bathrooms, kitchen etc fully clean going into the new season. It will feel great to have your entire house clean even it only stays that way for a short time!

While most of us do not have the time or the money to spend a great deal of either on a full spring cleaning for our houses, we can use one or two of these simple tips to make our homes feel more welcoming of spring!