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The use of home decor, UAE
residents should know, can make or break a space. Too often, a lot of people
purchase home decor without really knowing how to properly use these. The end
result is a mish-mashed, cluttered space.

Home decor pieces are fairly
affordable and it can be tempting to buy a lot of accessories to spruce up a
room with these. However, these accessories can ruin the look of a room if you
do not know how to choose and combine these accessories.
If you are in the process of
redecorating any room in your home, take a cue from these tips shared by professional
Quality over quantity
The adage “less is more”
applies to decorating a room. Indeed, it may be tempting to splurge on decor
and accessories during a trip to a local store specializing in these items.
However, the rule of thumb to follow when choosing pieces to fill a room is to
opt for ones that can truly work with the ones you currently have.
The value of proportion
Whether you are buying a rug for
the living room or a painting to hang and display in your home office, one
important thing that you need to consider is proportion. The last thing that
you’d want is for your decor to magnify the flaws in the room. When buying a
carpet or painting or any other accessory, make sure that it is in proportion
to the space that is being revamped.
Accessories as accents

A lot of seasoned interior
decorators prefer furniture and fixtures which have neutral colors. The
accessories they choose, on the other hand, serve as a contrast to these larger
pieces, thus adding visual interest to the space.
Balance over symmetry
Younger designers are favoring
balance over symmetry to generate visual interest. How do you achieve these
with home decor? Instead of adding one big centerpiece to the room, you can opt
for smaller pieces which you can group together, preferably in odd numbers.
Layering accessories
Designing a room is akin to
designing a cake. First, you start off with bigger pieces which should be used
at a minimum. The space left behind can be filled up with smaller pieces in
order to create a sense of balance. Do take note that small accessories, when
grouped together, can look and feel like one big item. Also, avoid the
temptation to fill the whole room with accessories. Used effectively, space can
be a vital design element.
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