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Whether you are choosing a new
mirror or if you are replacing your old one, it is a welcomed change as you
will be able to breathe in new life into your bathroom, and make it look
amazing. But choosing the right mirror will often require a lot of patience and
effort and it could be more exhausting than you could imagine. Nevertheless,
there are a few steps you will have to follow in order to choose the perfect
one, and it will be necessary to have some hands-on experience to know the
exact measures and type of your new mirror.

Do you know what your mirror
options are?
You need to determine first what
the different types of mirrors are and which will best suit your bathroom
preferences. Keep in mind that you should adjust your mirror type and style
with the overall bathroom design, so that it can sink in without any clash with
the rest of the ongoing design. Moreover, trying to incorporate your style into
the overall bathroom décor, you will have tougher time choosing the right
mirror, but you will end up with a harmonious design in the end.

How big should your mirror be?
It is very important that you
first measure the space available for your new mirror, and only then should you
consider thinking about how big a mirror should be. Furthermore, when choosing
a mirror size, take the relevance of décor into account and make sure that
there is harmony in the bathroom, after all, you want to have a great design
going, and not just a mash up of different decorative items. But you can also
order custom made mirrors with a size that could best fit your bathroom.

Is a mirror only a mirror?

You should consider the
functionality of a mirror as well when purchasing a new one, it is not only
simply there to reflect light, but it can be used as a piece to further enhance
your décor and to perhaps add more space to your bathroom. Remember that
mirrors are great for small spaces, as they can make them seem bigger, and for
smaller bathrooms it is a great way to enhance the spaciousness and it will
also look great when all things considered.
Should mirror have added features?

Some will want to have added
features to come
with their bathroom mirrors
and there is a plethora of features you can choose from, but it will be
necessary for you to first consider what you really want your mirror to be used
Mirrors with cabinets are a great
way to save up on space, and they can add an extra dimension to your mirror, as
you will be adding more reflective surfaces, and you will be able to store all
your necessities without having everyone to see them when they come into your
bathroom. However, be careful when installing mirrors with electrical wires,
because they will require a professional to set up everything without having to
destroy half of your bathroom in the process.
Do you have to drill to hang it?

There are different mounting
styles your mirrors can have, and depending on your bathroom, and the wall the
mirror will be on, you should take this into account when selecting your
mirror. Temporary solution is great for those who are leasing their homes and
who plan on moving relatively soon, it will not require a lot of effort to put
your mirror on the wall, and it will be easy to remove as well, without leaving
any damage behind.

Picking out the perfect mirror

Try to stay clear of stores which
do not offer refunds or which have clearance sales, as they will tend to sell
you mirrors which might be either damaged or have some kind of defect. Always
measure the space available and whether your mirror will actually fit snuggly
in your bathroom. Moreover, keep in mind that by adding a mirror you have a
chance to add value and style to your bathroom, and the extra functionality it
might bring is only a welcomed feature for your bathroom, which might come in
handy for you.