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We all know that working from home can be very dangerous.

For starters people that work from home are nearly always not professional trades people. That means there is a lot more room for error and the chance that you could sustain an injury to yourself or injure someone else around you.

Thankfully there are many ways you can keep yourself safe and insure the safety of your other housemates.  

The first line of defence against injuries is to wear the correct protective equipment. Depending on the job the type of protective equipment will vary. If you are working with heavy objects or tools you most likely need the footwear that will protect you feet from falling objects. If you suffer from feet problems you’ll need to look into the best work boots for flat feet.

Working at heights

Another common problem and injury that you may sustain while working on your home is falling from a height and getting injured.

Depending on the job the distance that you will be from the ground will be different and therefore the protection you need will again vary.

If you are working less than six from the ground make sure to have a stable ladder. We recommend a ladder that is certified to hold the correct weight for the job. If you are working with tools or carrying objects remember to factor that into the overall weight that the ladder is holding. Most ladders hold over one hundred kilograms quite easily but we recommend getting a ladder that is certified to hold more if you think you have any chance of carrying more weight.

Poisonous fumes or gases

This is a tricky one as gases cannot be seen and therefore most people overlook this issue and think that their health is not at risk.

One of the first lines of defence when working with toxic chemicals is to carefully read the ingredients and or what is in the substance you are about to use.

If the labeling clearly states to use protective equipment such as a mask make sure you do so and wear it all the time including when preparing or packing up the poisonous substance that you’re using.

Protecting your eyes

Your eyes are one of your most important senses and also one of your most delicate. You must protect them at all costs and never start a job that may compromise your eyes or the eyes of fellow workers around you.

One common mistake that people make is thinking that normal sunglasses will suffice and do the job of giving their eyes good enough protection. Do not make this mistake. Make sure you buy specialised glasses that offer better protection including wrap around lenses or goggles that have a strap so they can not fall off as easily.

Final words

The last point we would like to make when actually buying this protective equipment is make sure you buy reputable brands that offer the best protection possible. This is a case of a stitch in the line saves nine senario.

By investing a little bit more in the right gear for the job that will offer the greatest protection you could potentially save yourself more than just money but also your health both long term and short term.