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Replacing your windows can be quite chaotic if things don’t go according to plan, and the truth is, they don’t always do. When it comes to dealing with the situation at hand, working with an expert window installer is still the best way to lessen the stress of your remodel. Get the best work done on your window installation with these steps.

Hire an Expert
Finding the right window installer needs a lot of diligence: You need to focus on the details, from doing the research and legwork to overseeing the pre-installation set-ups and checks. Make sure to seek references and check for worker certifications. Whether it’s asking your neighbors or local suppliers for information, or checking websites such as the Better Business Bureau for the best ratings, always keep in mind that getting customer references is the best way to get to know your installer and their reputation. Make sure to get the full name and permanent address of the window installation company, and find out how long they have been in business. Ask how many projects they have completed in your area, and ask for the contact details of at least three of their past clients. 

Most major window manufacturers also require that you hire installers who are specifically trained and certified to handle their products for the warranty to remain in effect. For this reason, it may be a good idea to use the same contractor for both the purchase and installation of your new windows. It will make it easier to verify certifications and warranties, and resolve any problems in the future by narrowing everything down to one place.

The Bid & The Written Contract
Another part of doing your due diligence as a homeowner is to scrutinize the bids you get during your consultations. Working with an expert installer, you should be able to sort out all the materials, products, and labor cost on the itemized bid. 
Make sure all of the installation details that were discussed are included in the written contract. Here are some of the details to look for:

● the contractor’s name, address, phone, and license number (if required)
● the estimated starting and completion dates for the installation
● the payment options and schedule for the contractor, as well as the subcontractors and suppliers involved
● a written obligation for the contractor to get all necessary permits for the project
● a detailed list of all materials, specifying each products’ model, size, type, brand, and color, and how much money is budgeted for it
● information about the warranties covering both the materials and the workmanship, with names and addresses of those honoring them (e.g. contractor, distributor, manufacturer)
● all the work that will be done, from installation to site cleanup, any limitations to the installation, and how change orders will be handled

Knowing What To Expect
There can be a lot of variation on the amount of time it takes to install your windows. This can mean one day to several days of work, so don’t hesitate to ask about the process. A window expert should be able to walk you through each step, and accommodate any inquiries you might have.

Try to maintain good, opencommunication with your expert window installer  all throughout the installation, from being on site to contacting them to work out any issues that may arise. There’s no sure way to shorten the process, especially if you’re installing windows on the entire house, but setting priorities and working out concerns with your installer early on is the key to avoiding any delays on your window installation.

As President of Renewal by Andersen of Eastern New York, Eric Minkiewicz offers replacement windows and doors in the Capital Region and Hudson Valley. When he’s not in the field, he shares home improvement tips and industry knowledge through the company blog.