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Your deck is probably one of the most popular places to be during the summer. If you create the right atmosphere, you can continue using your deck throughout the entire year, making it an even more versatile room than the kitchen. Search clearance sales at the end of the summer season to get the best deals for the following year, or look at secondhand stores for some of the decorations that are used. Any building that is done on the deck can be completed yourself or with the help of a few friends if you delegate tasks. Here are a couple other tips to decorate and improve your deck for year-round use.

An awning is a great way to add shade to this outdoor space. Install one that is retractable or simply use the umbrella so you can still enjoy the sun when it’s desired, or you can add a permanent awning so you always have a comfortable space to entertain friends, relax after a long day, or spend time with family.


While you’re outside on the deck, you need somewhere comfortable to sit. Look online for deck furniture sets at places like Modern Home 2 Go that include things chairs, a small table, or a swing. Wicker furniture is easy to keep clean and works well outdoors since it can be cared for easily. You can often find various colors of wicker along with pillows and cushions that are in numerous colors and patterns. A glider swing is ideal for summer when you can enjoy a nice breeze while outside.

Adding Color

Whether it’s painting the railings or planting flowers in large pots, a bit of color can go a long way. If you decide to paint, you need to make sure any wood you use is sanded so the paint adheres. A bright color that matches the shutters is always a cute idea and adds consistency to the outside of the house. Another option is to paint the deck in a neutral color, adding flowers in the corners or in boxes that are attached to the sides of the rails.

A Bar Area

If you like to entertain, consider adding a bar area to the deck. Once the bar is installed, add your favorite drinks and mixes on shelves along with barstools or a small table. Use lighting that creates a relaxing atmosphere. Blue or white lights create a dazzling environment, while still providing a calming sensation for the outdoor experience.

When you think about a deck, you probably think about a simple porch attached to a side of the home. Luckily, you can make it so much more. Create an area where you want to spend time. Add furniture so you can relax, or make a space where you can entertain friends and family in the evening. If you upkeep and organize throughout the year, this can be a gathering place for the long term.