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Summer Gardening Tips


If you own a backyard, chances are that you’re anxiously awaiting the season of your garden bliss – summer. However, there are many harsh chemical solutions that boast being able to help make your backyard beautiful. We will disregard them in this article and focus on trying green, alternative solutions to bliss out your garden for summer.

Try Beer

Summer Gardening Tips

Okay, not you yourself, try beer with your plants. Beer is a great, natural way to ebb away the harmful slugs and snails. Just fill a saucer with beer, place it where the critters tend to attack and leave it for the night. The slugs and snails will be attracted by the scent and will basically get drunk and drown in beer, which leaves your flowers perfectly safe.

Go with Mulch!

Summer Gardening
Spread a 2-inch-deep layer of mulch over your garden soil, to keep it strong. This layer will help protect your soil from the effects of the sun, by keeping your garden cooler and plant roots happier, while preventing the loss of moisture. The perfect type of mulch, well, it doesn’t exist – look for anything made from organic matter, from shredded wood and pine straw to mixes of shredded leaves and grass clippings. In the long run, mulch helps protect your soil by decomposing and adding to its structure.Weeds

Summer Gardening
A blazing-hot summer is perfect for these green pests that steal moisture and nutrients from your garden plants. As if this wasn’t enough, weeds provide perfect hiding spots for damaging insects and encourage diseases to spark up within your garden. This is why weed is the gardener’s sworn enemy!Weed pulling can be done once the weeds are fully grown, however, this is more difficult than doing so when they are still young, small, thin and when the soil is moist. In addition to being easier, pulling young weeds prevents them from producing seeds, which is extremely important in the long run.


Summer Gardening
Removing all the waste once you’re done with pulling weed is extremely important. If you leave the torn weeds in your garden, chances are that a seed or two might get spread and these tend to reproduce somewhat quickly. Properly clean up after your gardening sessions, not only with environment in mind, but also for the sake of your garden.If you’re moving from a rental place, for example, chances are that your landlord is always going to be dissatisfied with your garden, regardless of how meticulous you were with your hobby. In such cases, opting for end of lease cleaning is the best way to go – your landlord won’t have anything to complain about and you are making sure that you’ve paid your final tribute to your greatly-beloved garden.

Water on Time
Watering on a daily basis goes without saying, but there’s more to supplying your plants with water than this.

Summer Gardening
Avoid overhead watering when it comes to your flower and vegetable beds, even more so if you water your plants in the evening or in the late afternoon – there isn’t a lot of sun in these times of day, and you do not want to drown your plants or cause leaf disease. Getting a drip-trickle hose or a soaker hose is great for your garden – less water will be wasted and your plants will greatly benefit from equal water distribution.

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By following these guidelines, you are making sure that you’ve blissed out your garden for summer. Just water it and pull out the weeds on time, create a clever beer-trap or two and enjoy the summer-long garden beauty!