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When someone says, “lawn care,” do you
immediately think, “yawn care?” It’s true that lawn talk does not exactly
inspire a thrilling conversation — not something you’d care to get into,
anyhow. But here’s the bottom line: When you think a good deal about your lawn,
the benefits will come pouring in, from curb appeal to increased property value.
Then you will realize that lawn conversations aren’t so bad after all.

And the best lawn conversations are the
ones that help upkeep easier to apply and manage. So let’s begin this
“conversation” by taking you through the five basic steps to lawn care
(Taylorville, IL might want to take note).

1. Mow your lawn the right way.
It seems there is a right way and a
wrong way to cut the grass from your lawn. Too much off the top of the blade
could leave the soil on your lawn exposed to too much sunlight. The type of
grass you have planted on your yard determines the right mowing height. If
you’re unsure about the type of grass, check with your lawn care provider in
2.Water deep instead of watering every day.
Weekly deep watering, it turns out,
helps roots burrow deeper into the soil and prevent pests from attacking your
lawn. Daily, shallow watering, on the other hand, will lead to thatch. What’s
thatch, you ask? It’s that unattractive entanglement of brown runners right
above your soil.
3. Fertilize your lawn.

Lawns, like people, need good nutrition
to thrive and survive the harsh elements. That nutrition comes from the right
mix of fertilizer. Experts recommend fertilizing your lawn twice a year, during
spring and fall. But to be certain you’re giving your lawn enough food, ask
your lawn care expert about the right mix.

4. Get rid of those weeds.
Weeds can compete for food and sunlight
with your grass. When they win, they will “take over” your yard and your lawn
will look unsightly. Protect your grass; maintain the beauty of your lawn by
taking the weeds out.
5. Hire a lawn care expert.
Lastly, it might seem like an
unnecessary expense but hiring lawn care experts can go a long way toward
ensuring the health and beauty of your lawn.

They not only have the right tools
for the job but they also have the knowledge to transform or maintain your
green space. Moreover, with a lawn care expert mowing, fertilizing, and tending
to your lawn, you will have more free time to enjoy a lovely yard with your

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