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Paintings, photos, prints, postcards, that drawing your five year old drew the other day…these are all pictures. With painted walls and furniture fashion, it’s easy to forget that pictures make up one of the key parts of home decor. They can say something about your personality, your style and even your interests. So don’t let your walls go undecorated! Here are some ideas for which room goes best with which pictures.
Sitting room
This is the most public room of the house. It’s where visitors, family and friends, and most social events take place. So let your pictures in this room say something about you. What ornaments are in this room? The colours and tones don’t necessarily need to match but you can find paintings and pictures that work with different items.
Say if you’d been to India one time and had an elephant ornament in your sitting room. A painting with colours such as turquoise, orange and burnished red are classic Indian colours and a picture with these in them will work in harmony with the elephant without them being ‘obviously’ a match.
Alternately there are some great colour schemes for sitting rooms that can be enhanced with pictures that have contrasting colours in them.
The bathroom is generally a room to relax in. As such the types of pictures best suited to it are abstract styles, where you don’t have to focus on a particular person or object; just enjoy the colour. Bathroom colour schemes tend to be made up of one dominant colour, although the chosen colour can differ depending on your own style.
Gentle and sensual tones like the classic blue, but also purple or even charcoal can provide and interesting addition to your bathroom decor – without distracting you from doing your teeth of course!
Sometimes a distinctive colour can work with the traditional pale colours for the walls and floor. For example, if your bathroom is painted pale blue, consider a picture that has a splash of bold peacock blue – they’re technically the same colour but the bolder one provides a depth of tone to the room.
When we go to our office, we’re notexactly looking to kick back and relax! On the other hand, stress is not good for productivity, so it’s a good idea to really think about which pictures to brighten up the room with.
Posters and photographs are a great way to get your decor helping your mood. Posters can be of films, theatre productions, or classic prints of older advertisements or art.
 If you prefer to go down the photograph route, choose ones that are professionally taken and framed, and not all of them including you or your loved ones – they’ll be plenty of those around the rest of the house! The key aspect with these pictures is to be interesting to look at – perhaps that poster is a favourite movie of yours – but to not deflect attention from your task.
Surprisingly, a lot of kitchens don’t include pictures. But just because there’s food and drink around the room, is
no reason not to indulge in the decor! Size doesn’t matter if you can find the right place to squeeze in the perfect picture to personalise this important room.
The kitchen sees a lot of action on home life – from cooking with the kids to hosting a dinner party – the kitchen is a place to let the more quirky side of your personality out. Printed pictures are an easy decoration piece, and there’s load to choose from! You can go down the classic route with some well-known artists or go for the more retro prints. It’s a classic style to go for pictures of food in kitchens, but try it from a different angle by trying a print of the old brands. The vintage picture will go nicely with your modern kitchen appliances.
Our homes aren’t galleries, so unfortunately we can’t spend ages just admiring the pictures hanging up! But a
good home decor picture isn’t there to take centre stage. By simply putting certain pictures in the rooms that best suit them you can go about your daily life with a little more colour to appreciate, and lift your mood.