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Never underestimate what makes a property beautiful. Good
landscaping can give you more function outdoor living space as well as increase
your home’s value. If you plan to eventually sell your home, develop your
landscape early so that the plants, trees and shrubs have time to mature.

“If you have children, a landscape should be created with
safety in mind,” said Greg Flanagan of Edina
. “You can even craft your particular landscape, especially at your
home, to provide privacy or to end problems with neighbors who are too nosy.
Trees, plants and shrubs absorb noise so a great landscape can decrease noise
pollution and help you sleep better.”
Landscaping also can optimize home security by making it
more difficult for an intruder. Most importantly, a well-planned design can
even reduce the time you spend working on your yard and more time enjoying it.
“It’s important to hire a landscaping professional to design,
enhance and build beautiful features on your home or commercial property,” said
Dean Bjorkstrand, a Minneapolis
. “This is because they are well versed in ground sloping and
water runoff and erosion, which will protect your home’s foundation from any
A landscaping professional can even discuss with you the
details of xeriscaping, which reduces the water use of your home by up to 75
percent. Talk about savings! Landscaping can also reduce both winter and summer
energy costs by up to 50 percent off your heating and cooling bills.
While outdoor beauty isn’t just a treat for the eyes, it
also can reduce stress levels and lead to an improved physical and mental
well-being. Talk with a landscaping professional when you plan to enhance the
beauty of your outdoor space at your home.