The best solutions for a small room

How to make small spaces airy, stylish, and spacious? Share our proven techniques that will improve life in a small area.

1. Windows.

To maintain a sense of spaciousness and to increase the amount of natural light that enters the room, treat the design of the windows rather reserved – too dense curtains and complex designs will overload the space and make it darker. At the same time, natural light is the best helper in creating an airy atmosphere. The best solution for a small room is transparent curtains and curtains made from thin material, rolls, Roman blinds, and shutters: they look light and laconic, but at the same time they aesthetically frame the windows.

2. Built-in furniture

Take advantage of built-in furniture – it looks very neat, provides roomy storage, helps to beat strange corners and niches, maximizes the use of space, and even corrects the unfortunate geometry of the room. With built-in shelving and cabinets, you can create an accent in the room – for example, to paint the structure in a bright colour that contrasts with the walls.

Tip. Even in a small space, pay attention to your comfort. Good sleep is the key to a healthy life. The experts have prepared a guide with recommendations about a narrow twin mattress.

3. Light

To free up surfaces, you can use practical and convenient wall lights. Lamps with an articulated frame and sconces give the user the flexibility of use, and serve as wall decorations, while tables and nightstands remain free, allowing you to place something necessary on them or achieve a minimalist look.

4. Furniture

Use sleek furniture – massive pieces made of heavy materials and with rough surfaces are unnecessary in a small space. And if you want to create a feeling of space, opt for smaller models, like narrow console tables, small dining tables, low beds, or graceful chairs. Subtlety details, lightweight design, and glossy surfaces will help to “unload” the space and make it more comfortable to live in.

5. Baskets

Use baskets. Sometimes it is not possible to create built-in storage, but things need somewhere to go! This is especially true for small items that tend to occupy all the free surfaces. To organize them, use small organizers for small items and wicker baskets, which not only will be a good storage solution but also will be a great decorative element in a small apartment. Aesthetic, practical, and mobile storage – what could be better? Such baskets can be placed on cabinets, under the bed, on shelves, in the corner of the room – anywhere they will look great and neat.

6. Smart Closet.

No room to build a closet or put some other furniture in the bedroom? Don’t just put your bed against the wall, use the space behind it for an open dressing area. Use shelves, rails and bars, and mobile coat racks. Aesthetically, place your belongings in the formed system – to use such a dressing room is very convenient, and natural ventilation will prevent the emergence of odour. If open storage seems too messy for you and prevents you from relaxing, use light, thin curtains to separate the dressing room area from the rest of the bedroom. You can use fabric in the colour of the walls to make the borders as invisible as possible, or you can create a textile accent by choosing an accent fabric in a bright colour or with a distinctive print.

7. Mirror Surfaces

Everyone knows about the miraculous properties of mirrors and their ability to increase space. But mirrors aren’t just individual decorative items that you can place on your walls – they’re also mirror panels for lining functional items. Why not use mirrors in the design of interior doors or cabinet doors in the kitchen or living room? It will create a feeling of a lighter and more spacious room, making the furniture and doors visually lighter and airier.

8. Gallery Wall.

A small apartment requires weighted decisions and a delicate attitude to the decor – there should not be too much of it, otherwise, you will not avoid the feeling of overstuffed space. But the absence of decorative accents is the same extreme: without decorations, the apartment will look boring and monotonous and will lose the feeling of comfort and depth. To beat up an empty wall, turn to a proven design technique – the gallery wall. It will look great in any room – give an artistic flair to the living room, make an interesting corridor, and decorate the dining room or bedroom with family memories. Combine photos and pictures in different styles, and play with the size and colour of frames, because a gallery wall is a great tool for self-expression!

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