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Ever dreamt of your own, quiet and comfortable place where you could spend hours, days an years doing things you like? Sleeping diagonally on a double-bed, hanging all kinds of art on your walls, painting your bedroom wall bright red like Big from ‘Sex and the City’ TV show? Closing the door of a home which belongs to you and you alone is something most people desire to accomplish in their lives. However, once they fulfill their dreams and get the keys to their new home, they make mistakes which can cost them much more than pure money. Do not allow yourself to endanger everything you’ve achieved and gained over the years. Be careful and responsible, and your home will be a safe harbor for you and your family in years to come.

Pay attention: repair is NOT an improvement

Much to our misfortune, when it comes to determining a value of one’s home, not all home expenses are in the same zone. It is general belief that repairs are basic and necessary part of home ownership for they help the home value stabile and not make it higher. However, there are times and cases when this is not a strict rule. For example, if a home you bought had a lot of broken things which needed fixing, the value of that place increases because you improved its state. Be careful and do not allow yourself to overspend on certain things simply because you see it as a necessary repair (but in reality, you are doing it for the fun).

New furniture isn’t always necessary

Yes, we understand your fabulous new place deserves the best possible furniture there is on the market, and yes, we understand that you have worked really hard to afford it, but be realistic – those mahogany chairs aren’t doing anywhere soon and it’s not like you have mountains of money to spend on them anyway. Everyone would like their new home to be their dream place right away, but restrain yourself from going on a spending spree to improve everything at once. Allow yourself some time to adapt to the needs and expenses of your new home save some money first – the fancy, quality furniture will be waiting for you.

Take as much as you can when you move from your old home

To connect with the previous point, there are certainly some things in your old home that you yourself have bought and therefore can call your own. Make sure you take with you as much things as you can so you don’t have to buy new ones: pillows, vases, cutlery, glasses, mirrors… And when you buy your own home, you’ll soon have to get there with all the things from you previous place with you. A little packaging advice for you: no matter if you decide to rent a truck and do all the work yourself or you choose to let full-service movers take care of everything, the costs for moving you with all of your things into your new home could be significant. This is important to keep in mind when thinking about the amount of money you can put aside for it. Do make sure you have enough not to get into trouble when it comes to maintaining that wonderful house you just bought.